Survey Reveals Americans’ Favorite Cleaning Chore

Many Americans use cold water for this cleaning task

August 7, 2019

When faced with residential cleaning, most Americans would choose to do the laundry, with nearly a quarter of surveyed respondents (24%) choosing it as their favorite chore, according to the American Cleaning Institute’s 2019 National Cleaning Survey.

An equal number of Americans (21%) chose cleaning countertops and vacuuming as their favorite household chores, 17% picked doing the dishes, 7% chose cleaning furniture, another 7% preferred wiping windows, and only 4% preferred polishing floors.

More Americans are choosing environmentally friendly ways to do laundry, with 52% reporting they use cold water half the time or more for their main wash cycle and 32% using warm water. Only 14% said they tend to use hot water.

Nothing spoils a favorite chore like a dryer fire. Industrial-size washers and dryers are constantly at work in facilities such as hospitals and hotels. Neglecting regular maintenance on frequently used dryers can create a fire hazard. Follow these dryer safety tips to protect your facility.


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