Students Continue Traditional Cleaning of Churchill Downs

May 7, 2019

After all the excitement from the Kentucky Derby died down this weekend, and the enthusiastic spectators, horse owners, and women in elaborate hats drinking mint juleps left Churchill Downs, a less conspicuous group arrived, continuing another tradition.

Every Sunday following the horse race, local high school students belonging to sports teams and extracurricular groups converge on the infield, trash bags in hand, to remove the garbage, WDRB News reports. The students pick up every piece of nonbiodegradable trash as part of a fundraising event for their groups. Several teams have been doing the post-derby pickup at the Louisville, KY, racetrack for decades.

Coaches say the activity not only restores Churchill Downs and raises money for student groups, it also builds comradery and instills a sense of teamwork among the students.

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