Stand Against Fall Injuries in the Workplace

Instruct your workers in fall prevention during the Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls

May 7, 2019

If your maintenance workers reach new heights as they work—by way of ladders, scaffolding, and lifts—this week is the perfect time to go over safety tips for working safely from heights.

May 6-10 is the National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls. The stand-down is a campaign organized by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to motivate employers to talk directly to employees about preventing falls. Any workplace can hold a stand-down by taking a break to focus on fall hazards and reinforce the importance of fall prevention.

CMM recommends the use of low-level access lifts for maintenance staff completing work from heights, such as ceiling repairs. Follow these tips to practice lift safety:

  • Only use the lift on a firm level surface.
  • Be sure the lift is equipped with guardrails that are in solid condition.
  • Always stay on the lift platform; never jump onto or climb up guardrails to complete work.
  • Set up a “no-go” zone using caution cones to keep bystanders from walking under and around the lift to eliminate the risk of injuries from falling materials.
  • Ensure the lift’s components, such as hydraulic hoses and batteries, are in good condition.
  • Always follow the manufacturers’ guidelines for proper usage.

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