Power Washing in Honor of War Heroes

Veterans clean war memorials to mark upcoming holiday

May 14, 2019

In preparation for the upcoming Memorial Day holiday, U.S. veterans who served in the Vietnam War spent last Saturday cleaning the war memorials on the State Capitol grounds in Pierre, SD, the Capital Journal reports.

The group has been cleaning the memorials annually for the past seven years to honor their fellow veterans and the community. Armed with power washers, scrub brushes, and scrapers, the volunteers scrubbed statues, removed debris from the fountain, and water blasted the marble monuments.

The veterans said they look forward to the annual cleaning event all year as their efforts are critical in helping the monuments looks their best. Facility managers and maintenance workers understand the importance of making their property look its best from the outside. Many turn to power washers to blast away entranceway soils, so facility visitors will have a favorable first impression of the building.

Power washers can eliminate greasy or oily debris that dry sweeping can’t remove. Follow these tips from CMM in choosing the right power washer for your facility:

  • Choose a gas-driven unit if you need portability and do not have access to an outdoor power outlet
  • Choose an electric-driven model if you need a quieter unit
  • Choose a hot-water pressure washer if you need to remove oily or greasy stains quickly
  • Choose a unit with a high GPM and PSI rates for a job with heavy, thick soil.

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