Nursing Homes Under Inspection for Cleaning and Safety Concerns

Investigators note poor housekeeping among hazards in North Dakota senior care centers

July 9, 2019

Poor housekeeping practices are among the safety concerns North Dakota state health inspectors have found in several nursing homes designated as special focus facilities, the West Fargo Pioneer reports. These facilities have consistently failed to meet resident care and protection standards.

Among the questionable practices noted, a housekeeper at one facility left a cart with toxic cleaning solutions unattended for 17 minutes in a hallway on a unit with a wandering patient. While an inspector was observing the cart, a resident walked over to it and stared at the items in the cart before entering a room.

Another nursing home was cited for poor sanitation practices, such as a wastebasket filled with urine-saturated underwear and a strong odor of urine and visible debris on a dining room floor.

Proper workloading can help housekeepers clean in a matter that doesn’t endanger facility residents. CMM’s Q & A with a housekeeping professional offers tips on flexible and effective cleaning methods at nursing homes and other long-term care centers.

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