New York Measles Outbreak Officially Over

September 5, 2019

New York City health officials announced this week that the measles outbreak that spread across Brooklyn has ended, according to a statement from New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio

Measles outbreaks are typically over when two incubation periods for measles (about 42 days) have passed since the last day a person with measles was reported to be infectious. No new cases of measles have been reported in the area since mid-July.

Since the outbreak started in October of 2018, 654 individuals were diagnosed with measles. The outbreak was responsible for 52 measles-related hospitalizations and 16 admissions to intensive care due to measles complications. The majority (80%) of cases were in youths under 18 years old and 73% percent involved unvaccinated children. The city spent more than US$6 million and dedicated more than 500 staff to battle the outbreak, which included disseminating messages for people to get vaccinated and hosting community events.

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