New Report Calls for Potty Parity

Women Need Twice as Many Toilets as Men

May 31, 2019

If you maintain a facility open to the public and notice lines outside the women’s restroom, you may not have enough toilets. A new report on the state of public facilities in the United Kingdom recommends that toilet provisions for women be increased so there are two female toilets available for every male toilet, CNN reports.

The report, from the Royal Society for Public Health, recommends new laws mandating the number of female toilets similar to “potty parity” laws in the United States and Canada that mandate a two-to-one toilet ratio. The report found that women deal with time-consuming factors related to clothing, menstruation, and anatomical differences.

Access to toilets is not only a problem for women. A majority (74%) of the people interviewed for the report believe there are not enough public toilets in their area. About 700 government-run toilets have closed since 2010, and the lack of facilities has a negative impact on public health. In some parts of the U.K., volunteers are raising money through fund-raising schemes or opening their own wallets and donating their own time to keep the public toilets open and clean.

You can make the restroom experience more pleasant for women not only by providing enough toilets, but also by making sure that feminine waste receptacles are regularly emptied and cleaned. Consider innovative waste solutions that protect both restroom patrons and cleaning crews such as hands-free disposal units that operate with a foot pedal. When opened, the lid reveals a masking tray, which conceals its contents. Nonstick ribs on the tray stop the sanitary products from adhering to it.


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