New Jersey Bill Calls for Mandatory Outbreak Control Plans

New legislation prompted by seven outbreaks in a long-term care facility

June 10, 2019

A New Jersey bill is calling on long-term care facilities to take a more active approach to controlling outbreaks among patients.

If the bill passes, the New Jersey Department of Health would require long-term care facilities to develop and submit a formal outbreak response plan, Insider NJ reports. The bill was drafted in response to seven outbreaks that occurred in a local nursing and rehabilitation center that led to 11 deaths and three dozen infections.

A 2018 article from CMM talks about the importance of developing a standardized program to keep infections at bay in health care facilities. “Most failures to prevent HAIs come from a communication breakdown, rather than a lack of knowledge,” the article says.

While the type of infection may impact specific cleaning procedures that are right for the facility, there are still basic cleaning standards to apply to all potential outbreak scenarios. Long-term care or other health care facility service providers can reference, “EVS is the First Defense in Infection Control,” for basic cleaning and infection control prevention tips.


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