Motivate Janitors by Giving Meaning to Their Work

Appreciation goes a long way in acknowledging custodial work

July 12, 2019

All employees like to be acknowledged for doing a good job and janitors are no exception. Although custodians and other workers can know their work is meaningful and craft their work as meaningful, their feelings of pride tend to be short-lived without receiving regular evidence of what their work means to other. This is where managers and customers who are “meaning-givers” can help, according to an article in Thrive Global.

Meaning-givers are simply people who verbally and physically show gratitude to workers. Three ways people can be meaning-givers include:

  1. Acknowledging workers in small, regular ways, such as saying “thank you” or simply smiling and making eye contact
  2. Showing people the difference they make by specifically telling them how their work made an impact on your life
  3. Making meaning-giving a life practice by showing appreciation and acknowledgement of people’s actions outside of the workplace.

Recognizing and rewarding janitors for good efforts helps to instill professionalism in the cleaning industry and aids in giving a positive image to the job of custodians, CMM reports.


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