Legislation Seeks Adult Changing Tables in Public Restrooms

Proposed law would pertain to new and renovated restrooms only

April 24, 2019

Facility managers of public buildings understand the importance of including infant changing tables in their facility’s restrooms, and a federal law mandates that all public restrooms in federal buildings come equipped with infant changing stations. Legislation pending in the Arizona state legislature is going one step further by requiring that new restrooms also have changing stations suitable for adults with disabilities, reports. 

House Bill 2113 would require the adult changing stations only in public restrooms currently being built or undergoing a total renovation project that costs at least US$50,000 and involves the removal of wall, floor, and ceiling finishes, as well as the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing fixtures. A previous bill was recently rejected because it required that privately owned buildings also install the changing stations.

The proposed legislation came about due to complaints from the parents of adults with disabilities who were concerned about the cleanliness of restroom floors, where they had to tend to hygienic needs.

Whether it’s a changing table for an infant or adult, these restroom areas need special attention. CMM recommends several steps to keep changing stations germ-free, such as cleaning them with an all-purpose or pH-neutral product; making sure to clean all touchable areas of the station including the exterior handles, sides, and interior; and applying a properly diluted disinfectant directly to all surfaces, allowing it to sit for the appropriate amount of dwell time, then wiping the surfaces with a microfiber cleaning cloth.


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