ISSA Welcomes Korean Members

November 21, 2019

A Korean delegation of ISSA members traveling to Las Vegas for ISSA Show North America 2019 were treated to special tours of facilities, arranged by ISSA and Brady Industries. Two locations were host to the Korean delegation: The Bellagio Hotel and Casino and Centennial Hills Hospital Medical Center. More than 30 in the delegation asked questions about cleaning procedures, statistics, budgets, data and more to compare United States and Korean operations.

Fun facts from the Bellagio tour:

  • The Bellagio has nearly 8,000 employees, of which 1,200 work in housekeeping and 400 work in environmental services.
  • Housekeepers are expected to clean approximately 12 “credits” each day, with 500 square feet equaling one credit. Most standard rooms are approximately one credit. Housekeepers spend approximately 30 minutes to clean a standard room.
  • There are approximately 460 housekeepers each day for the two hotel towers, and the Bellagio spends nearly US$60,000,000 on annual housekeeping costs.
  • Employee turnover in housekeeping and EVS are low, with 80 percent of workers spending more than 10 years employed at the hotel.
  • The Bellagio uses enough toilet paper annually to circle the world five times.

Fun facts from the Centennial Hills Hospital Medical Center tour:

  • Centennial Hills Hospital Medical Center has nearly 60 in its cleaning staff, which includes housekeepers, EVS, floor techs, and porters.
  • There is one housekeeper assigned to clean 30 rooms per shift, but administration is comparing operations to other hospitals and considering reducing that workload.
  • There are eight operating rooms for any procedure and two operating rooms for labor and delivery.
  • Total hospital patient rooms: 262
  • Total budget: close to $2,000,000.
  • Bleach products are used extensively in cleaning operations, and an in-house incinerator tackles biohazard waste.



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