How to Value Your Cleaning Staff

Employee appreciation can go a long way toward worker performance and retention

August 23, 2019

Are you having difficulty retaining quality workers in your cleaning business? Have your current employees’ standards slipped? These problems can be often be resolved by realizing the value of your staff and making sure you communicate this value to them through appreciation, training, appropriate wages, and perks.

A CEO of a United Kingdom cleaning company listed several ways businesses can take care of their cleaning staff, the European Cleaning Journal reports. The best way to show employees you value them and the work they do is to pay a living wage. Although society often views professional cleaners as unimportant workers, they help keep people healthy and safe and lower staff absenteeism by providing a hygienic environment.

In addition to fair pay, access to full training will assure your workers are using proper and efficient cleaning methods. Daily communication and encouragement will let your team members know they have your support and have a contact they can turn to if an issue arises on the job.

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