Housekeeping Hijinks Close Out Celebratory Week

Housekeepers compete in Olympic Games for International Housekeepers Week

September 14, 2018

As International Housekeepers Week comes to a close, some appreciative employers celebrated their cleaning crews in a traditional fashion with luncheons or newspaper writeups. Others gave their housekeepers the opportunity to flex their muscles and join some friendly competition.

Housekeeping teams from several hotels in Northern California raced against each other through an obstacle course that had them making a bed, navigating a vacuum through cones, setting up a vanity plate, folding towels, shooting a roll of toilet paper into a trash can, and wrapping the manager of each team with toilet paper, the Times Standard reports. The team from Benbow Historic Inn in Garberville, CA, took first place.

Learn some best practices on cleaning hotel rooms, minus the obstacle course.


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