Housekeepers Working Out the Kinks on Cleaning App

Debate centers on whether new technology makes jobs easier

July 12, 2018

Digital apps are generally thought to make life easier. However, two years after implementing a new cleaning technique that uses a smart phone app to schedule their room cleanings instead of a paper schedule, housekeepers at the Philadelphia Marriot Downtown in Philadelphia, PA, say the app has actually made their job more difficult, The Inquirer reports.

The app indicates which rooms housekeepers need to clean, and the order in which they should clean them. The problem is that the app is causing housekeepers to bounce from floor to floor, instead of tackling rooms in a methodical order. Many housekeepers prefer to focus on the occupied rooms in the morning so current guests are guaranteed clean rooms, and then focus on the rooms where guests had checked out later.

Management likes the app as it allows them to collect data on its workforce, such as its housekeepers’ movements and how long it takes them to clean a room. The good news is that hotels can adapt the app to fit their specific needs. Housekeepers are optimistic their union leaders can work with hotel management and the app creators to create a tool that works well for everyone.

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