Housekeeper Sues Marriott for Failing to Protect Her From Harassment

January 31, 2019

A housekeeper at a Marriott hotel in Irvine, CA, filed a lawsuit this week in California Superior Court alleging her supervisors failed to protect her from guest misconduct, creating a hostile work environment, Bloomberg reports.

Leticia Vallejo, who has worked as a housekeeper at the hotel for 18 years, said she is often harassed by male guests when she cleans restrooms. She related several instances in which men urinated in front of her and made inappropriate comments or advances. She asked her supervisors for a sign to bar people from entering restrooms during cleanings. But the sign management provided did not stop hotel guests from entering restrooms while she was inside.

Marriott employees have been pushing for increased safety measures to protect them from customer harassment. Following an almost two-month strike that ended in December, thousands of unionized Marriott workers received stronger sexual harassment protections along with wage increases. However, the Irvine Marriot was not unionized at the time.

In September, Marriott, joined other major hotel chains in committing to introduce panic buttons across all its locations by 2020. Vallejo said she is unaware of any new panic buttons having been distributed to housekeepers at the Irvine Marriott since the company announcement.


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