Higher Minimum Wage Means Healthier Workers

March 7, 2019

As many business owners adjust their budgets to pay workers more due to recent minimum wage increases, they may be worried about keeping their company’s bottom line in the black. However, they may be saving money in hiring costs as numerous studies have found wage increases lead to healthier and more productive workers, The New York Times Magazine reports.

Researchers have found that workers in higher wage states are less likely to skip medical appointments and more likely to pay for medical care. Higher-paid workers are also less likely to smoke, since higher wages ease the stress of poverty and less stressed people have the strength to quit tobacco.

Physicians serving low-income communities have noticed when their patients earn more money, they have time to exercise more, sleep more, and begin buying healthier food. All this leads to healthier workers who can perform their tasks better and are less likely to call in sick.

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