Help Your Workers Overcome the Monday Blues

Take steps on Sunday to prepare for a motivated workweek

November 4, 2019

Chances are good you and your workers begin to feel a sense of dread for the upcoming workweek as Sunday draws to a close.

This feeling often has nothing to do with the job itself, but rather a sense of overwhelm about upcoming tasks. Even people who said they love their jobs said they experience anxiety about expectations and workload before the workweek begins.

CNN reports there are several steps people can take over the weekend to prepare them for Monday:

  • Exercise-According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, just five minutes of aerobic exercise can reduce anxiety. Exercise in general has been shown to boost mood and enhance sleep, all good ways to overcome Sunday stress.
  • Get out in nature-A recent study found a simple walk in the park three times a week can reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Another study found that people who took a 90-minute walk in nature had lower activity in the area of the brain that focuses on repetitive negative thoughts, so they were less likely to dwell on things worrying them.
  • Avoid alcohol-Alcohol can disturb your regular sleep patterns, trapping you in lighter stages of sleep that are less restful. If you do have alcohol over the weekend, try to keep Sunday evening alcohol-free.
  • Wind down-Avoid your cell phone and work email on Sunday. Workers who are constantly connected are amped up even on their days off, which discourages relaxation and encourages stress.
  • Make a list-Unconsciously worrying about all the things you must do Monday can lead to insomnia. Instead, write a list of your tasks for the week. Not only will this jump start your Monday, it is a good way to purge your worries.
  • Get enough sleep-Getting between seven and 10 hours of sleep a night sets you up for a successful week. You can train your brain to sleep better by establishing a relaxing bedtime routine that involves a relaxing activity such as yoga, meditation, or reading. Keep your bedroom between 60 and 67 degrees F and eliminate bright lights for maximum sleep success.


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