Handle Conflict Positively to Strengthen Teams

Learn five steps to lessen tensions between workers

November 28, 2018

If your business employs more than one employee, it’s inevitable conflicts will occasionally arise between workers. The way you handle, or don’t handle, these conflicts can influence how your team works together in the future. An article in Forbes recommends five steps to help employers constructively coach their staff through conflicts:

  1. Pick your battles. Avoid the temptation to always step in and manage employee conflicts; often they can resolve the matter themselves.
  2. Don’t make assumptions. Be sure you have all the details about the conflict before making a judgement.
  3. Investigate. Seek a neutral source of information about the situation.
  4. Listen to both sides. Even if only one employee is coming to you with a problem, be sure to seek out other workers involved in the conflict for their version of the situation.
  5. Follow through with an action. Determine if you need to moderate a discussion between workers, mediate a dispute, or ultimately make a decision.



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