Get on the Track to Staff Improvements

Don’t miss the educational sessions in the Clean Building Expo’s Staff and Management track

February 4, 2019

The best cleaning tools and processes won’t do anything to improve your cleaning business if you don’t have an engaged, well-trained staff. If you’re looking for knowledge on finetuning your staff and your management style, the Cleaning Buildings Expo (CBE) has got you covered.

A brand-new event, CBE will be held March 26-27, 2019 in Baltimore, MD, and features free admission to the exhibitor floor as well as educational sessions in three tracks. The Staffing and Management track offers eight sessions with practical advice that will bring results to your business.

Attend Employee Engagement: A Case Study to identify strategies that create a culture of engagement in your cleaning organization such as continuous process improvement and leadership principles. Performance-Driven Management: A Roadmap to Your Extraordinary Results will reveal methods for delivering savings and environmentally sustainable benefits to your company. Don’t miss Why an Integrated Approach to Cleaning Change Solutions is Necessary to analyze common sources of organizational stress, discuss typical customer complaints, and implement the components of an effective cleaning service that lead to customer satisfaction.

Take advantage of CBE’s many educational opportunities by registering for free today.



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