Don’t Forget to Clean High and Low

Survey reveals most forgotten areas in room cleaning

May 9, 2019

As professional (and nonprofessional) cleaners go through an office or home, they are diligent in scrubbing floors, counters, and restroom surfaces. But some areas don’t receive as much attention.

According to a national survey conducted by The Cleaning Authority, 30% of homeowners named the ceiling fan as the most commonly forgotten area to clean, while 50% of professional cleaners listed the baseboards as the most forgotten areas in the homes and offices they service.

Then there’s the spots people intentionally forget to clean. More than 50% of homeowners surveyed admit they don’t clean curtains, blinds, and behind the toilet enough because cleaning these items or areas is too difficult. The Cleaning Authority recommends a few tools that can come in handy: a vacuum brush extension to remove any dust from curtains, microfiber cloths wrapped around a pair of tongs to remove dust from blinds, and an extendable scrubber to reach crevices and grout lines behind the toilet.

CMM also advises cleaners and facility managers to “look up” when cleaning and notice ceiling vents as an a source of dust, dirt, mold, and other pathogens that lead to poor indoor air quality (IAQ). CMM recommends a three-step cleaning process for vents:

  • Conduct a comprehensive IAQ and mold assessment
  • Interpret the results to determine what needs to be done to improve the indoor environment
  • Put products, services, and processes in place that will keep vents clean and reduce the possibility of future contamination.

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