Denmark Hotels Feature Self-Disinfecting Rooms

New technology eliminates pathogen microbes and cuts staff labor time

February 26, 2019

Hotel housekeepers will receive a helping hand in the disinfection process if a new technology being tested in Danish hotels takes off. Guest rooms in the newly opened Hotel Ottilia, as well as the Hotel Herman K, both in Copenhagen, Denmark, fully disinfect themselves using a transparent, odorless spray activated by sunlight, Skift reports.

The hotels have partnered with Danish company ACT.Global, which developed a spray technology known as CleanCoat. A two-year test has shown that the spray’s active ingredient, titanium dioxide, breaks down pathogen microbes, including influenza, salmonella, mold spores, and allergens.

Hotel authorities said they decided to test the technology to help make cleaning hotel rooms quicker, easier, and safer for their housekeeping staff. Housekeepers no longer need to apply chemical detergents or cleaners. Instead staff simply vacuum and wipe down surfaces, reducing their labor load by 50 percent and cutting down on the hotel’s water consumption.

There are disadvantages to the system which may make it difficult to implement industrywide. It costs approximately US$2,500 per room to apply the coating, which must be reapplied each year. The process requires staff to fully empty the room of furniture, something that normally happens only during room renovations.

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