Data Reveals Staggering Pay Disparity Between Men and Women

Calculations released on Equal Pay Day show a half-million-dollar lifetime pay gap

April 3, 2019

Recent calculations from Time reveal “a typical woman who works from age 16 to 70 will make US$590,000 less than a man working an identical span.”

These numbers were calculated using data from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics; Time shared them on Tuesday, April 2 as part of its Equal Pay Day coverage.

While numbers about the gender wage gap vary from resource to resource, one fact is steady, according to Time: “At least for the median worker, the disparity gets worse as one gets older and makes more money.”

Aside from the wage gap, women in the workforce face countless obstacles preventing them from achieving the same success as their male counterparts, but they have overcome much, as well. Now, females between the ages of 25-54 are a driving economic force, accounting for 86 percent of workforce growth during the past few years.

Particularly in the cleaning and facility management industries, women continue to make waves. In fact, CMM covered five of these women in 2018, exploring how female facility management professionals are breaking down barriers and creating paths for the women who come after them . Click here to learn more about these “5 Fantastic Female Leaders in the Cleaning Industry.”

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