Custodian Wins Cash for Kindness

San Antonio woman wins $1,000 for demonstrating the true value of clean

April 8, 2019

A San Antonio, TX, custodian who was awarded a cash prize for her on-the-job kindness is a reminder of how valuable cleaning professionals are to facility operations.

Pat Chavez, a janitor for Diverse Facility Solutions who works at the San Antonio International Airport, was nominated by an airport patron for the local Fox TV affiliate’s Cash for Kindness program. The news affiliate awarded Chavez US$1,000 for going above the call of duty.

“She went above and beyond,” said Susan Bodner, the woman who nominated Chavez. “She didn't have to help people find a stall. She didn't have to have a conversation with everyone. And, on top of it, the bathrooms were immaculate."

Chavez isn’t the only facility services professional who recently won big for representing the cleaning industry. Two raffle winners from the 2019 Clean Buildings Expo also recently took home $1,000 cash prizes, as well.“John Winfrey, operations manager for Gainesville, GA-based Turnkey Facility Maintenance, and Ely Cunningham, area manager for Kansas City Public Schools in Kansas City, MO, each had their name drawn during the end-of-day raffles that took place on the CBE trade show floor, serving as a reminder that good things happen to those who show up,” the CMM recap said of the event.


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