CMM Weekly Wrap-Up: April Leads With Talk of Employee Engagement

See what you missed in this week’s news, from new reports on pay disparity to employee conduct issues

April 5, 2019

Custodial managers looking to improve employee morale and engagement may want to look to this week’s news—and to themselves.

According to an article from Forbes, “while HR may be charged with measuring engagement, they are not in charge of providing solutions to fix it. That falls on the managers.” But knowing where to focus engagement efforts is half the battle. CMM’s news and articles from the week of April 1 has some suggestions.

Provide equal pay for workers. This week CMM reported on a story from Time that said women account for 86 percent of workforce growth in the United States in recent years, yet still earn a half-million dollars less than their male counterparts throughout the course of their careers. Paying employees fair wages can positively impact both your employees and your operations.

Follow up on conduct. Imagine if a manager was bullying ten of your best employees. Now imagine only four of them came to you about it. No reports from the other six were ever made, and you have not been witness to clues those employees were having trouble at work. This could greatly put your operation at risk.

“Sixty percent of workplace misconduct instances are never reported, according to a recent Gartner survey of more than 2 million respondents across 167 organizations,” CMM reported. “This can pose a problem for organizations that are trying to be more in tune with company culture.”

Ensure union relationships are tight. “Regardless of whether employees are in-house or outsourced, the engagement between labor and management should be collaborative and inclusive,” says CMM’s article, “Tips for FM Firms: Working With Organized Labor.” Labor employees must feel valued, and in the same instance, be held accountable to demonstrate their value to the employee-membership and to the employer in the execution of the services.

Articles like these remind us how important it can be to celebrate our staff to keep morale, retention, and performance high. For more tips on how to improve upon employee engagement, click here.


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