CMM Weekly News Recap—Sept. 20

September 20, 2019

After a record year for measles in the U.S., the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported no new cases of the disease for the week of September 6-12, the first time since January. This comes just days after New York City health officials declared the city’s outbreak that accounted for more than 75% of the nation’s total cases was officially over. Measles may be on its way out, but a new report this week from the World Health Organization (WHO) found an increased risk for a global pandemic and painted a bleak picture of current efforts by the international community to face health emergencies.

It’s no secret that employers in cleaning-related industries struggle to attract and retain workers. One out-of-the-box solution is turning to some overlooked labor pools such as non-violent ex-offenders, people with disabilities, and veterans of the armed forces. Bonus: the government offers incentives for hiring these groups of people. But how do you tap into this labor pool? A new resource document developed by ISSA outlines the policies and programs that exist for hiring and what options you might have in your state.

School custodians who came to the rescue were honored this week for their attention and compassion toward students in need. A photo of a custodian at Melba Passmore Elementary in Alvin, Texas, comforting a student with autism was posted on Facebook by the student’s mother who called the custodian Esther McCool an “angel.” The photo grabbed the national spotlight with multiple media outlets sharing the sweet story. Gabriel Luna, a custodian at Los Lunas Elementary School in Albuquerque, New Mexico, was called a “hero” by school staff after helping a student who he noticed was having an allergic reaction in the school cafeteria. A local television station made a surprise visit to the school to honor Luna, who said it was just another day on the job.

Enjoy the first day of autumn this weekend. Come back to CMM on Monday.

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