CMM Weekly News Recap—May 24, 2019

May 24, 2019

This week’s news roundup included several tips that can help you and your workers stay safe over the Memorial Day weekend. In addition to today’s top story on handling pool chemicals safely, we reminded readers of the importance of chlorine and other chemicals to keep pool water safe, as a survey by the Water Quality & Health Council found 51% of Americans jump in the pool to wash off instead of hitting the shower, and 40 percent of adults surveyed neglect to exit the pool to use the restroom, simply urinating in the pool instead.

If you decide to steer clear of public pools this weekend in favor of a road trip, you won’t escape germs. A car swab test conducted by Clorox Professional Products Co. found that vehicles are a petri dish of pathogens, with the most found on driver-side floor mats, followed by the trunk, the front seat cup holder, and the dashboard air vent.

Maybe you’ll decide to take in some fresh air with a picnic, hike, or another outdoor activity. If the temperatures spike, be sure to watch for signs of heat stroke, such as a high body temperature and a fast, strong pulse. Be sure to drink plenty of water, limit your time in the heat, and increase your recovery time in a cool environment.

Have a good Memorial Day weekend and we’ll return with the news on Tuesday, May 28.

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