CMM Weekly News Recap

March 8, 2019

As we get closer to spring and Earth Day, environmental and sustainability issues are in the news. Scientists and city planners in New Orleans, LA, are looking for greener alternatives to the plastic beads and other trinkets thrown from Mardi Gras parades. Trash bins on the streets of San Francisco, CA, are equipped with smart sensors to alert trash collectors when the bins are close to overflowing. Companies are jumping on the bandwagon with SC Johnson planning to package its window cleaner in recycled plastic that was collected from the ocean.

Unfortunately, warmer temperatures don’t mean germs are going away anytime soon. News from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) finds that although the rate of staph infections were going down in hospitals, the decline has stalled recently. Medical and environmental services staff need to be on guard against staph bacteria that can lead to patient infections, and even death. The CDC also is calling for more research on methods to predict and prevent infectious disease outbreaks in the workplace. Hand hygiene goes a long way in preventing disease, so be sure to check out Diversey’s latest white paper on the topic.

If you’re currently hiring, you’ll be interested to learn the annual CareerBuilder hiring survey found that 40 percent of employers surveyed plan to hire full-time employees in 2019 and 47 percent plan to hire part-time workers. Employers are looking for team players with good communication and critical thinking skills.

We end the week by reminding you and your workers to protect your hearing. Before you operate that loud landscaping equipment or indoor machinery, take the time to insert ear plugs or put on ear muffs.


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