CMM Weekly News Recap

February 22, 2019

As many of our readers own cleaning businesses or are building service contractors, keeping up with labor issues is important to them. Labor news from this week includes a new law in Illinois that raises the minimum wage by US$1 next year, up to $15 an hour by 2025.

Another labor news story ponders whether janitors have the right to ask the owners of a building where they work to hire a new cleaning contractor because they claim the current contractor is underpaying and harassing them. A labor board determined the janitors were justifiably fired for picketing to persuade building management to end its contract with their employer. The janitors’ labor union has filed an appeal to protect the workers’ rights to picket.

No matter whether you’re a contracted facility manager or an in-house manager, your input is important to us at CMM. So please take the time to complete a quick benchmarking survey. You could win a prize for your efforts!

We end the week with a reminder that it’s still flu season and levels have been elevated throughout the country. Along with thorough cleaning, handwashing is an important component in stopping the spread of germs. Check out Bradley Corp.’s latest handwashing survey and follow these tips to provide a clean, hygienic restroom to your building patrons.


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