CMM Weekly News Recap

February 8, 2019

We wrap up the news week with a general roundup of germs. As nasty as they are, germs help keep cleaners employed. You can feel good about your part in helping to keep building occupants safe by removing germs that cause common illnesses such as the flu and norovirus. Although we expect these illnesses to return every winter, one illness currently making its rounds was considered eliminated—measles. Despite the availability of a vaccination that is effective in eliminating this scourge, the number of cases of measles has been increasing in the United States, with 667 cases 2014. We may surpass that number in 2019 as 79 confirmed cases have already been confirmed in January alone.

Custodians in schools and other buildings that house children need to be vigilant in their cleaning, and also in protecting themselves through vaccinations.

Other facilities requiring cleaning diligence are hospitals—specifically patient restrooms. A new study found that most sinks located next to patient toilets contained bacteria linked to health care-associated infections (HAIs).

Education is key in learning thorough cleaning and disinfecting techniques that can help eliminate HAIs. Once place where you can attend cleaning industry educational sessions is the Clean Buildings Expo, which will be held March 26- 27 in Baltimore, MD. Attend courses on cleaning operations, staffing and management, and trends and technologies. Register for free today.

And if you need to fly to the conference, or for other business, be grateful you’re not on British Airlines. The airline recently completed a test to determine whether eliminating airplane cabin cleanings would help flights stay on schedule. Surprisingly, there were no passenger complaints.

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