CMM Weekly News Recap

February 1, 2019

As much of the country thaws out from a polar vortex, facility managers and custodians can pat themselves on the back for braving the frigid temperatures to keep their buildings’ furnaces and water systems operational. Building residents are grateful for all that you do to keep them safe and warm while they are at work, school, and running errands in commercial facilities.

And maybe during the next cold snap you won’t even need to leave the building for cleaning supplies as a new service that will deliver cleaning and restroom products straight to your door in reusable containers is set to begin this spring. You can keep warm while boosting your company’s sustainability commitment.

Remember, your job is crucial to society. Despite all the advances in autonomous cleaning tools such as floor scrubbing robots, your job takes brain work and planning, tasks that cannot be completely taken over by robots in the near future.

Have a fun weekend and enjoy the Super Bowl parties, whether you’re rooting for the Rams or the Patriots. We know at least one custodian who will be at Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta, GA, on Sunday rooting for the Rams.


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