Background Checks Eliminate More than 500 School Employees

Custodians among school staff members to undergo checks

September 6, 2018

Background checks conducted on Chicago Public School District staff found potential problems with 266 employees, who, as a result, were not rehired for the current school year, American School and University reports. Nearly 60 percent of the barred employees were teachers. However, all staff members were required to undergo the background checks, including contract workers who interact with students, such as custodians, engineers, and school bus drivers.

An additional 245 of the school district’s more than 43,000 employees also were banned for the 2018-2019 school year because they refused to submit fingerprints for the background check.

Officials say banned employees may return to work if an inquiry finds they do not pose a risk to students. The school district conducted the background checks in response to a Chicago Tribune investigation earlier in the year that found some school employees who were fired for abusing students had criminal backgrounds the school district didn’t know about.

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