Americans Admit Wasting Toilet Paper in Public Restrooms

Facility managers can combat waste with sustainable practices and dispensers

February 28, 2019

If you’ve had trouble keeping toilet paper stocked in your facility’s restrooms, you may not be surprised to learn that more than one-third of Americans are wasting toilet paper in public restrooms, according to a new survey by Sofidel, a manufacturer of toilet paper and other paper products for hygienic and domestic use.

Among 2,049 adults surveyed earlier this month, 35 percent admitted they typically use more toilet paper than they needed when using a public restroom. This figure was higher for certain age groups, with nearly half (45 percent) of women aged 18-34 reporting they use excess toilet paper in public restrooms. This waste carried over to paper towel use, with 24 percent of survey respondents admitting they take more paper towels than they need to dry their hands in public restrooms.

A high majority (87 percent) of the survey respondents believe it is important that businesses use sustainable products in their public restrooms to help prevent product waste and almost half say it is important for facilities to provide green restroom products. These sustainable and green products include dispensers that reduce paper consumption, and cleaning solutions made with fewer chemicals.

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