Airline Tests the Importance of Cleanliness vs. Timeliness

Crews ordered to stop cleaning planes between flights

February 6, 2019

Delayed airline flights are a major frustration for travelers worldwide. British Airlines recently tested a new way to cut down turnaround times between the time planes land and takeoff on a new flight—eliminating cabin cleanings.

During a four-day trial at the Dublin, Ireland airport involving flights to London, England, the airline instructed crew to limit their cleaning efforts to removing trash, The Telegraph reports. Cleaners were told it was “absolutely imperative” that they refrain from cleaning seat pockets, seats, and safety belts, even if they felt compelled to do so out of habit and job pride.

Although the airlines did not receive any customer complaints during the trial, it has no plans to repeat the experiment, the Mirror reports. It will analyze the data gathered during the trial to determine if it should instruct crews to skip cabin cleanings during times of disruption when flights are delayed.

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