Airline Passenger Forced to Sit in Dog Feces

November 9, 2018

Delta Airlines has issued a public apology to a Detroit, MI, man who was told he had to sit in a seat soiled with dog feces or leave the plane, The Associated Press reports.

Matthew Meehan had taken his seat for a flight from Atlanta, GA, to Miami, FL, earlier this month when he realized the seat and floor were soiled with feces. When he asked flight attendants for assistance in cleaning the seat, they handed him two paper towels and a small bottle of gin. He said airplane personnel told him he had to take his seat so the plane could take off. After cleaning the best he could, he laid a blanket on the seat for the flight. When the plane landed, it was taken out of service to be cleaned and disinfected.

Delta airlines said the feces came from a service dog on a previous flight, and that airline cleaning crews had neglected to clean the seat. Airline authorities promised to investigate the situation and offered Meehan a full refund and additional compensation.

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