A Look at Pandemic Mindsets

Businesses must cater to clients’ physical and emotional needs

August 6, 2020

Facilities are changing their business practices and ramping up their cleaning protocols to protect the health and safety of building inhabitants and clients. However, the coronavirus pandemic has also taken a toll on the public’s emotional well-being, as well as their physical health.

Companies need to be cognizant of the different mindsets people are experiencing in dealing with the daily challenges of pandemic life. From different comfort levels in leaving their homes to struggles in maintaining social distancing, the pandemic has raised a variety of emotions with not everyone experiencing the pandemic in the same way. By demonstrating empathy, companies can capture more business while helping to keep people safe.

A survey conducted by restroom products manufacturer GP PRO, a division of Georgia-Pacific, has identified five different pandemic mindsets:

  • The Freewheeler is eager to get back to normal life and has participated in what others consider to be risky behavior during the pandemic, such as refusing to wear masks or follow social distancing guidelines. (13% of the survey respondents)
  • The Reluctant Rule Follower is not happy following pandemic guidelines such as mask wearing and social distancing but is complying with the protocols to avoid judgement. (25% of respondents)
  • The Cautious But Reasonable is returning to normal living while following safety guidelines but is prepared to isolate again if circumstances warrant. (29% of the survey respondents)
  • The Germinator is disinfecting and sanitizing every surface in sight and very concerned with eliminating germs. (19% respondents)
  • The Avoider has rarely left home since the pandemic started and is prepared to stay home until a COVID-19 vaccine is available. (12% of respondents)

“As the coronavirus pandemic continues its uncertain trajectory, we recognize that people are experiencing a wide range of emotions and comfort levels when it comes to venturing out for work, socialization, dining, and other ‘typical’ daily activities,” said Michelle Auda, senior director of insights with GP PRO. “With this survey, we wanted to better understand those feelings to help guide businesses as they welcome more people through their doors. Just as it’s critical that businesses create a safe, hygienic space and implement stringent cleaning protocols, it’s also important that businesses acknowledge the wide range of sentiments people are experiencing right now and demonstrate empathy, care, and concern.” 

COVID-19 MIndsets

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