Considerations for Workloading Complex Floor Plans

Basic workloading may not be enough to plan for spaces with special circumstances

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hand holding containment detector to wall
Nate Seward

Get the Lead Out: Paint Regulations for Facilities

Facility Management

The EPA is stepping up its enforcement actions and targeting companies that are not in compliance. Is your facility following the rules?

Hands pouring chemical into a beaker
Mark McInnes

Disinfectant Pros and Cons: Hydrogen Peroxide vs. Quats


Disinfectants are created with one purpose: to kill microbes and pathogens.However, some active ingredients are safer for human health and the environment than others.

boots slipping on dark chemical puddle
Kathleen Misovic

Protect Your Workers From Head to Toe

Health and Safety

Mark Warner, education manager with ISSA’s Cleaning Management Institute, recalls a worker who wore sneakers to strip a floor; the result was catastrophic.

Doctors standing over clean and reflective hospital floor
Benjamin Oberle

Build an Effective Floor Disinfection Program

Infection Control

The standard for floor disinfection is changing due to growing awareness of harmful bacteria on floors and its potential to spread to other high-touch areas via shoes, hands, or equipment.



Battery with lightening coming out of it
William Tenorio

Li-ion Battery Applications: Total Cost of Ownership Considerations


Li-ion batteries can provide better run-time, higher efficiency, and lower total cost of ownership in industrial equipment and motive applications.

sweeping up construction debris
Joel Craddock

10 Safety Considerations for Construction Cleanup

Health and Safety

Unlike standard janitorial services, construction cleanup requires attention to every surface. From drywall dust to large sawdust and paint-splatter, there’s a wide range of service to implement.

Man looking at his computer in a depressed manner
Ron Segura

You've Lost the Bid; Is it Your Fault?

Business and Management

A cleaning contract will not always go to the lowest bidders. It will go to the contractors who convince the client of all the features and benefits their companies bring to the table.

Warehouse workers taking notes and working on a computer
William Hoff

Reduce Reactive Maintenance Requests and System Downtime

Technology and Trends

Many companies are transitioning from a reactive maintenance approach to a more predictive and preventative method, resulting in a more efficiently run facility.

Mold on a white ceiling
Doug Hoffman

Minimize Mold

Health and Safety

A tell-tale musty smell means you should check these four areas to find where mold may be lurking in your facility.



Footprints in the sand on a beach
Kelly Zimmerman

How Our Decisions Drive Our Footprints

Business and Management

Top industry professionals who spoke at the Clean Buildings Expo believe it's imperative for the cleaning industry to get a handle on its environmental footprint.


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Trojan Battery
Sponsored by Trojan Battery Company

Power to Get The Job Done

Hard Floors

From maintenance backlogs and balancing maintenance budgets to limited staff,the last thing you need to worry about is the performance of the battery in your floor machines.

Ergonomic Study Indicates Unger Excella Helps Keep Cleaners Safe
Sponsored by Unger Global

Ergonomic Study Indicates Unger Excella Helps Keep Cleaners Safe

Hard Floors

Strain on shoulders, back, arms, and wrists are all everyday occurrences in the life of a cleaner. How much these affect your staff can be influenced by your choice of cleaning equipment.


Products & Services

battery Enersys
More Information

NexSys Battery Line 

NexSys® batteries from EnerSys® are perfect for operations with quick-charging needs. Fast-charge these batteries in just over an hour, or partially charge them on your schedule without fear of causing damage. Featuring advanced Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology, NexSys® batteries provide predictable, cost-effective power for floor care applications. Virtually maintenance-free, NexSys® batteries never require watering, eliminating the risk of spills on floors and carpets.

trojan battery
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Trojan Battery Co.

Trillium™, Trojan's Intelligent Lithium battery 

US Battery
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US Battery

High Voltage, High Capacity 

U.S. Battery’s US 305 XC2, six-volt deep cycle batteries provide 310 amp hours at a 20-hour discharge rate, to keep floor sweeper/scrubbers working longer. The US 305 XC2 is made in the United States and features the company’s exclusive XC2™ formulation that allows batteries to reach peak capacity in fewer cycles.

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Avmor Ltd.

TF700 Instant Traction Floor Conditioner 

Avmor’s TF700 Instant Traction Floor Conditioner provides one-step cleaning and slip resistance. It’s suitable for all flooring types, from vinyl and ceramic tile to concrete, granite, and sealed wood. Apply TF700 with a mop or automatic scrubber to provide traction around indoor pools as well as in high-traffic areas such as food courts, restrooms, cafeterias, and walkways.

dehumidifier filter
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Legend Brands 

4-PROTM filters for Dri-Eaz® dehumidifiers 

4-PROTM filters for Dri-Eaz® dehumidifiers from Legend Brands are designed for restoration and remediation jobs. The electrostatically charged polypropylene filters capture small dust and debris particles, protecting internal components. Activated carbon absorbs odors and fumes, and the filters’ rigid aluminum frame ensures proper filtration throughout the loading cycle. Antimicrobial-treated layers help prevent bacterial growth.

pest control
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Rentokil North America, Inc. 

Lumina insect light traps 

Lumina insect light traps from Rentokil Steritech use LED high-output lamps to attract and catch flies while reducing energy consumption. They are available in three sizes: the Lumina compact for homes, the Lumina standard for businesses, and the Lumina ultimate for facilities that must meet strict food safety and compliance standards. Each can be set to a specific mode based on insect activity level.

dust pan
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Filmop USA

Jobby Dust Pan 

Filmop’s Jobby Dust Pan with Swivel Floor Squeegee gives users a touch-free method to collect wet and dry debris from hard flooring. The easy-to-clean dust pan features a replaceable rubber edge that lays flat to the floor and a replaceable squeegee blade that bends to eliminate gaps between the pan and the surface it’s resting on. The squeegee’s swivel head reaches into low, tight places.

air freshener
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Vectair Systems, Inc.

Air Freshener 

A new line of aerosol air fresheners from Vectaire feature the AiradicateTM odor neutralizer, which counteracts malodors and neutralizes bad smells. The Vectair Airoma® range provides 3,000 or 9,000 sprays in a 7-oz. can, and the Vectair Micro Airoma® range provides 3,000 micro sprays in a 2.6-oz can. The air fresheners are available in several new fragrances.

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Tolco Corp.

Pro-Blend dispenser 

Tolco’s Pro-Blend dispenser offers an alternative to wall-mounted dispensing systems. Designed for quart and gallon bottles, the dispensers allow users to properly proportion and dispense liquids almost anywhere with a twist-squeeze-pour operation. The dispensers offer measurements from 0.25 oz to 3 oz., and feature variable adjustments allowing for different concentrations with every use.

sanitizing system
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Clorox Professional Products Co.

PrecisionCare Sanitizing System 

PrecisionCare powered by Clorox® Total 360® is a sanitizing system created especially for the interior of automobiles. The system uses patented electrostatic technology paired with Clorox products to kill 19 of the most common germs. When sprayed, the charged sanitizing solution uniformly coats car surfaces, including hard-to-reach areas. It will sanitize an average-sized vehicle in just a few minutes.

air freshner
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AirWorks® 3.0 passive air care dispensing system 

Eliminate odors in restrooms, basements, or manufacturing areas with the AirWorks® 3.0 passive air care dispensing system from HOSPECO®. The system dispenses fragranced liquid through a specially bonded wick, and will not drip, spill, or leak. Bottom-loading dispensers are available in white or black. Each VOC-compliant refill comes in a recyclable container, lasts up to 60 days, and covers 5,000 cubic feet.

foodservice wipes
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3M Building & Commercial

Scotch-Brite Kitchen Cleaner & Degreaser Wipes 

​Scotch-BriteTM Kitchen Cleaner & Degreaser Wipes with ScotchgardTM Protector from 3M remove grease from nonfood and stainless-steel surfaces in commercial kitchens. These premoistened, disposable wipes feature a noncaustic formula that is safe for surfaces and do not require workers to wear gloves or other personal protective equipment. There is no need to rinse after use, as the wipes leave behind a protective layer that can cut future cleaning time.

drain cleaner
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Emerson Electric Co. 

RIGID® FlexShaft Drain Cleaning Machine 

​The RIGID® FlexShaft Drain Cleaning Machine from Emerson quickly and efficiently cleans 1¼- to 4-inch residential and commercial pipes up to 70 feet. The machine clears grease, sludge, small tree roots, and soft blockages using powerhouse chain knockers that expand to the size of the pipe to clear the entire circumference. Its lightweight, compact design allows for easy transport with minimal strain to the body.

Backflow Preventer
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General Wire Spring Co. 

Flood-Guard Backflow Preventer 

​Prevent basement flooding with the Flood-GuardTM from General Pipe Cleaners. Available for 2-, 3-, or 4-inch floor drains, the Flood-Guard only requires a screwdriver for installation. This product prevents water backup caused by overloaded sewers as it rises to seal off the drain opening until the water recedes. It is also available in a stand-pipe model for extreme, extended water pressure.

Hy-Brid Lift
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Custom Equipment LLC 

Hy-Brid Lifts 

Easily navigate through tight workplaces with the Push-Around Series of Hy-Brid Lifts from Custom Equipment, a safe alternative to ladders and scaffolding. The lifts feature a large work platform with ample room for the operator, tools, and materials. Auto-lock brakes and total-lock rear casters prevent unintended movement; the robust scissor stack and oversized pins provide improved stability and reduced platform movement.

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