Keep it Clean, Keep it Safe in Industrial Facilities

Safety tips for cleaning risky environments

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top BSC challenges
Kelly Zimmerman

Wage Increases Won’t Stop BSC Expansions

Business and Management

CMM survey shows staffing is a top issue, but the market looks bright for contract cleaning companies

Back view of a man in handcuffs
Natalia Gove

I-9 Compliance

Business and Management

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has cracked down on businesses, increasing audits and raids to ensure workforce compliance. Is your company prepared?

Red stop light
Jean-François Leblanc

Color Coding Industrial Work Spaces for Safety

Health and Safety

How green, yellow, and red safety zones can protect your workers from on-site accidents

Auto floor scrubber-white
Torben Lund Andersen

Autonomous Floor Care Solutions Raise the Stakes on Equipment Safety

Technology and Trends

Technological improvements in equipment are not enough to ensure safety as self-operating cleaning machines become more commonplace. New industry standards are key.



A person using equipment to care for a terrazzo floor
James Flieler

Protected Terrazzo Floors Last a Lifetime

Hard Floors

While terrazzo is generally long lasting—and is still found in old palacios and palazzos in Italy—it can succumb to deterioration. Here’s how to prevent it.

photo of an EVS worker cleaning a floor in a health care facility
Arthur Coleman

Neglected EVS Training Will Cost Your Business


With increased technological advances in tools and equipment, an educated workforce has never been more important in the cleaning and maintenance industry.

Photo of patients in a health care facility waiting room
Tim Conn

Bidding a Medical Facility

Business and Management

Medical facilities vary in their specific needs. Consider training resources, cleaning products, and required equipment when making a bid.

A picture of a hospital room with a bed
Kathleen Misovic

EVS Is the First Defense in Infection Control

Infection Control

By following standardized cleaning standards, environmental services workers can provide the best defense in protecting patients from HAIs.



photo of two people parachuting out of a plane
Kelly Zimmerman

Are You a Mindful Risk-Taker?

With every business opportunity, there is always a risk. Learn how companies use training and planning to balance opportunities with risks.


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