Keep it Clean, Keep it Safe in Industrial Facilities

Safety tips for cleaning risky environments

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top BSC challenges
Kelly Zimmerman

Wage Increases Won’t Stop BSC Expansions

Business and Management

CMM survey shows staffing is a top issue, but the market looks bright for contract cleaning companies

Back view of a man in handcuffs
Natalia Gove

I-9 Compliance

Business and Management

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has cracked down on businesses, increasing audits and raids to ensure workforce compliance. Is your company prepared?

Red stop light
Jean-François Leblanc

Color Coding Industrial Work Spaces for Safety

Health and Safety

How green, yellow, and red safety zones can protect your workers from on-site accidents

Auto floor scrubber-white
Torben Lund Andersen

Autonomous Floor Care Solutions Raise the Stakes on Equipment Safety

Technology and Trends

Technological improvements in equipment are not enough to ensure safety as self-operating cleaning machines become more commonplace. New industry standards are key.



A person using equipment to care for a terrazzo floor
James Flieler

Protected Terrazzo Floors Last a Lifetime

Hard Floors

While terrazzo is generally long lasting—and is still found in old palacios and palazzos in Italy—it can succumb to deterioration. Here’s how to prevent it.

photo of an EVS worker cleaning a floor in a health care facility
Arthur Coleman

Neglected EVS Training Will Cost Your Business


With increased technological advances in tools and equipment, an educated workforce has never been more important in the cleaning and maintenance industry.

Photo of patients in a health care facility waiting room
Tim Conn

Bidding a Medical Facility

Business and Management

Medical facilities vary in their specific needs. Consider training resources, cleaning products, and required equipment when making a bid.

A picture of a hospital room with a bed
Kathleen Misovic

EVS Is the First Defense in Infection Control

Infection Control

By following standardized cleaning standards, environmental services workers can provide the best defense in protecting patients from HAIs.



photo of two people parachuting out of a plane
Kelly Zimmerman

Are You a Mindful Risk-Taker?

With every business opportunity, there is always a risk. Learn how companies use training and planning to balance opportunities with risks.


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Container of wipes
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Clean on Demand with Convenient and Effective Wipes from Spartan Chemical

People cleaning with wet/dry vacuums
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Stay Ahead of Winter Risks With ProGuard Wet/Dry Vacuums

Laundry dispenser
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Low-Maintenance, Venturi-Based Laundry Dispenser

Industry Leading Training Solutions
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Industry Leading Training Solutions



Products & Services

Janitor cart with tool caddy
More Information
Rubbermaid Commercial Products

Have Tools Will Travel

The Slim Jim® Rim Caddy fits securely on the rim of any Slim Jim® trash container, creating a solution for the storage and transportation of cleaning tools. The caddy features a dustpan holder, hooks to hold a safety sign, and space for storing up to three spray bottles. Each Slim Jim® Rim Caddy includes three tool clips for customization to fit any facility’s needs.

Roll of trash bin liners
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Aluf Plastics Division

Liners Make Lifting Easy

Royal Crown Top trash bin liners from Aluf Plastics feature E-Z tie flap closures, making them easy to tie, lift, and carry. Made with a blend of prime and reprocessed materials, the garbage bags are ideal for facilities that prefer environmentally friendly products. The liners are available in black, feature star-sealed bottoms, and come on coreless rolls for less waste and more compact storage.

Combination trash and recycling receptacle
More Information
Ex-Cell Kaiser, LLC

A Bin Stylish Enough for the Romans

The Ex-Cell Kaiser Coliseum trash and recycling receptacle combines modern design with utilitarian construction. It features two 34-gallon liners, providing a total capacity of 68 gallons. The receptacle’s color-coded openings and ghosted graphics make waste stream identification easy. Constructed from a durable power-coated body and stainless-steel front panel, the unit is available in two colors: Pebble Black Gloss and Hammered Grey.

Red medical waste carts
More Information
Toter, Inc.

Move Biohazards Quickly and Safely

Toter’s 32-gallon medical waste cart has a 112-pound load rating and is available with two wheels or a combination of two wheels and four casters, enabling it to move heavy loads quickly and easily. The gasketed cart features a locking lid to prevent biohazard material leaks. Its fully stackable design allows for easy initial transport and storage, as well as rapid change-outs for sterilization.

Oscillating skid-steer snowplow mount
More Information
Douglas Dynamics, Inc.

Snowplow Mount

An oscillating skid-steer mount for SnowEx® Heavy-Duty and SPEEDWING™ snowplows contributes to better scraping performance and less wear on the plow’s cutting edge. The mount can be quickly attached to any brand or style of skid-steer loader. It provides six degrees of side-to-side oscillation, which allows the blade to follow the contours of the pavement for a cleaner scrape.

Man cleaning carpet
More Information
R.E. Whittaker Co.

Carpet Cleaner

The 25-inch Smart Care® TRIO System from Whittaker will clean up to 20,000 square feet of carpeting an hour in open areas. It features three counter-rotating brushes, which are protected by a landing gear when not in use, a low-fatigue machine-mounted solution tank, and an integrated collection hopper to pick up debris. The system’s lite-touch controls make operation easy.

Industrial hand care products
More Information
Kutol Products Co.

Hand Care

Kutol® Pro industrial hand-care products provide two methods to clean without the use of water. Heavy Duty Hand Wipes quickly cut through oil, grease, paints, and lubricants. The textured side gently scrubs soils while the smooth side wipes hands clean without the need to rinse. CITRA-SOFT Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner removes soils without scrubbing, leaving a coconut-lime fragrance. It easily wipes off with a paper or cloth towel.

Containers of disinfecting stain and odor remover
More Information
Clorox Professional Products Co.


Clorox® Disinfecting Bio Stain & Odor Remover cleans and deodorizes hard and soft surfaces in one step. It’s effective against bio soils including blood, vomit, urine, and feces, making it ideal for schools, restaurants, hotels, and health-care facilities. The bleach-free, hydrogen peroxide formula is EPA-registered to kill 19 microorganisms commonly found in bio soils such as norovirus, MRSA, E. coli, salmonella, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C.

Autonomous scrubber
More Information
Kärcher North America


The Kärcher Intelligent Robotic Application (KIRA) B50 lithium battery-powered autonomous scrubber cleans uneven and structured floors right up to the wall. It maps cleaning zones on its own or can be manually guided. KIRA’s multisensor system recognizes and avoids people and obstacles. It is accompanied by its own docking station to autonomously change its batteries, replenish its fresh water, dispose of its dirty water, and rinse its tank.

Institutional mop bucket with wringer
More Information
Nexstep Commercial Products


Nexstep’s MaxiRough® institutional 32–35-quart mop bucket with wringer is suitable for use with 12-oz. to 32-oz. mops. The unit is completely metal-free and features a funnel-type wringer with no moving parts. It includes a basket for holding a spray bottle and non-marking swivel casters for enhanced maneuverability.

Luxury vinyl flooring
More Information
Mats, Inc.

Vinyl Flooring

Mats Inc.’s new Stateside™ luxury vinyl flooring collection features 18 on-trend traditional and contemporary options designed for commercial environments, including restaurants, retail stores, schools, and hotels. Offering realistic grain designs and textures with a high-definition printed décor layer and produced in the United States, the durable flooring stands up to the most demanding environments.

Emergency exit sign
More Information
Graphic Products, Inc.

Emergency Guides

Two downloadable emergency guides from Graphic Products help facility managers strengthen their emergency plans. The Guide to Emergency Preparedness contains examples of emergency signage and markings. It explains the rules and requirements of the OSHA-required Emergency Action Plan and other regulations. The Emergency Preparation Chart provides visuals of emergency markings using a sample floor plan.

Child looking for water fountain
More Information
Oasis International Ltd

Water Fountains

Oasis International’s vandal-resistant water fountains, coolers, and bottle fillers are ideal for schools, parks, and correctional facilities. They include a cabinet and basin made of 14-gauge stainless steel with a heavy-duty galvanized frame. A single push button activates the water flow. Galvanized steel screens prevent objects from being inserted into ventilation panels or the underside. Most include a chrome-plated bubbler that is keyed into place.

More Information
Legend Brands


The Dri-Eaz® LGR-6000Li i-Series dehumidifier from Legend Brands has sensors that respond to changing conditions, removing up to 47.3 liters of water per day. Its compact size, extended handle, and large wheels simplify transporting, and its self-contained pump system helps eliminate spills. The filter system features expanded cellulose mesh to capture larger particles and electrostatically charged polypropylene to attract and retain smaller particles.

Blue urinal screen
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Vectair Systems, Inc.

Urinal Screen

The Vectair Wee-Screen™ eliminates urinal odors and provides fragrance for 30 days. It fits most urinal shapes and sizes and features a deep bubble design that prevents urine splash back and drain blockages. It’s available in six fragrances: citrus mango, clove and cardamom, kiwi and grapefruit, lavender and geranium, linen breeze, and marine musk.

Bottles of disinfectant
More Information
Byotrol, Inc.


BYOTROL24™ disinfectant sanitizes surfaces for 24 hours by killing germs that emerge after cleaning. Its gentle, bleach-free formula won’t corrode surfaces and does not produce harmful fumes or harsh chemical residue. BYOTROL24 kills E. coli, salmonella, norovirus, and other germs, and prevents mold and mildew for seven days. It is suitable for hard, nonporous surfaces such as counters, handles, sinks, toilets, and other high-touch areas.

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