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A photo of a finished roll of toilet paper
Kelly Zimmerman

Find Solutions to Your Restroom Challenges


Don't risk the reputation of your facility. Learn how to effectively workload the restroom so it is always clean and well-stocked.

A photo of PPE equipment: mask, air filter, gloves
Jess Baidwan

Are You Doing Team Member Safety Right?

Health and Safety

Providing personal protective equipment as well as training and certification opportunities are some of the steps you can take to protect your workers from injuries.

ISSA Show North America attendees watching a Connection Corner session
Kelly Zimmerman

The 4-1-1 on ISSA Online Training


Online training provides a convenient method for employees on different shifts and with different learning needs to receive standardized information.

photo of a ceiling vent
Doug Hoffman

Look UP! You May be Housing Airborne Contaminants

Infection Control

Your indoor air contamination may be coming from your vents. Learn how to clear up the mess and prevent future IAQ issues.

A worker wearing a white cleanroom suit
Amy Phare

Clean by Design: How to Keep a Cleanroom Contaminate-Free

Facility Management

Cleanrooms keep contaminants out and potentially hazardous materials in. Learn how they do it and how to keep them operating effectively.



A long-term care worker greeting a resident
Kelly Zimmerman

Q&A: Workloading a Long-Term Care Facility

Facility Management

Flexiibility to scheduling changes is a basic tenet of workloading for housekeepers at nursing homes and rehabilitation centers.

Man and woman in a car with the words
Tim Poskin

Are Your Employees on Board With Your Company Mission?

Business and Management

Company missions can help businesses make the right decisions to move toward their goals. They work best when employees are empowered to give feedback and make the mission their own.

hand dryer and paper towel dispenser
Riley Quinn Doherty

The Great Debate: Paper Towels vs. Hand Dryers


Although it seems simple, hand drying is not as simple as it sounds. When considering which drying method to install into your facility’s restrooms, here’s what you should consider.

Adults raising their hands to answer a question in a classroom
Joan Weis

Boost Your Bottom Line Through Education


Business owner Robert Williams credits a CMI course for helping him recognize positive traits in potential employees, efficiently train his current staff, and hone his leadership skills.

Photo of the inside of a dryer drum
Dave Lavalle

The Spin on Dryer Safety

Health and Safety

Most dryer fires are caused by lint buildup. Practice vent maintenance to keep your dryer’s vent system free of blockages and prevent overheating.



Graphic showing that magic occurs outside the comfort zone
Kelly Zimmerman

Conquer the Comfort Zone

Photo of a man wearing a name tag that reads
Kevin Keeler

It's Time to Reframe Our Industry

Business and Management

Clients don't always understand the important role professional cleaners play in health. Make sure they understand what you do and the technologies you use so they don't undervalue your work.


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Custodial Management Made Simple™
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Custodial Management Made Simple™

Person vacuuming
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Try the FreeFlex® Cordless/Corded Upright at ISSA

Person mopping in health care setting
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Simplify Cleaning with 3M’s Facility Care Systems For Cleaning and Safety

Woman using software | woman taking paper towel
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Think Ahead with Tork at ISSA!

Person using a machine to clean a floor
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Why Equipment Rental Makes Sense in Floor Maintenance

Selection of paper products
Sponsored by Sofidel America Corp.

Elevate the Restroom Experience with Papernet Paper Products

Sponsored by Sanitaire

Green Cleaning Moves into Mainstream for Commercial Buildings

Labeled cleaning products
Sponsored by Midlab, Inc.

Midlab, Inc. Announces the PLUS Label System

Hand care products
Sponsored by Kutol Products Co.

Kutol Announces Two New Hand Care Brands

Person spraying urinal
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Kaivac OmniFlex and No-Touch Cleaning - Booth 6848

Equipment first aid kit
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GOFER First Aid Kits “Stop the Bleeding”

Autonomous scrubber screen
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A Smarter Kind of Clean

Floor care system
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Bona®–the Hardwood Experts–Live Demos and New Products!

Air purifier with child's toys
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MCI PureSynAIRg™ Sanitizes Surfaces & Keeps the Air Clean!


Products & Services

Color swatches and soap dispenser
More Information
Deb Group

Create a Hygienic Work of Art

Deb Group has launched an updated Pick and Mix dispenser design website that allows online customers to customize touch-free soap dispensers. After choosing their preferred dispenser model, users can personalize it by selecting a color for the backplate, button, and cover, as well as adding chrome accents on the cover. They also can upload a company logo, image, or message for a one-of-a-kind dispensing experience.

Dissolving paper towels
More Information
Sofidel Group

Now You See Them, Now You Don’t

Complete your hand hygiene routine without worrying about clogs with Papernet Dissolve Tech towels. Dissolve Tech towels are absorbent and strong with a high wet-strength. If restroom patrons throw them in the sink or toilet, the towels will dissolve in three minutes, reducing the risk of clogs. They are ideal for use in hotels, hospitals, offices, and other high-traffic facilities at risk of restroom clogs.

Hands-free toilet paper dispenser
More Information
Creative Commodities LLC

Experience Hands-Free Toilet Paper Dispensing

The Touchless™ Toilet Paper Dispenser from Creative Commodities releases programmable lengths of paper, reducing consumer waste. With no need to handle the dispenser, restroom patrons limit their exposure to germs. As an added bonus, the Wi-Fi-enabled dispenser monitors the amount of toilet paper remaining, signaling to custodians when it’s time to replenish the product to prevent users from being caught in a stall without paper.

Container of antibacterial wipes
More Information
2XL Corp.

Wipe Bacteria from High-Touch Spots

Put your hands on high-touch surfaces with confidence after wiping them down with antibacterial FORCE Wipes from 2XL. The wipes provide one-step cleaning and disinfecting to remove viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens from surfaces in schools, health care facilities, restaurants, and other high-traffic buildings. Force Wipes are alcohol- and bleach-free and available in 180-count containers and 800-count buckets.

Electronic roll towel dispenser
More Information
Carlisle Foodservice Products

Towel Dispenser Adjusts to Your Drying Needs

San Jamar’s Electronic Hybrid Roll Towel Dispenser features an IQ System that adjusts paper towels to your facility’s needs. It changes the length of the towels and the frequency in which they are dispensed to save on waste and cost. The dispenser comes in a transparent black classic style as well as modern styles, including a black and stainless look. Custom designs feature your company’s color and logo.

Container of multi-surface wipes
More Information
Spartan Chemical Co., Inc.

Clean All Textures With a Swipe

Everyone worries about touching toilet seats, yet desks and couches are just as germy. Clean by Peroxy® Multi Surface Wipes from Spartan Chemical Co. leave any high-touch surface clean and fresh. These premoistened wipes remove soils from hard surfaces such as desks and walls, leaving behind a streak-free shine. They also remove spills from carpet and even fabric furniture.

Floor polishing system
More Information
General Equipment Co.

Polishing System

General Equipment’s Pro Polish floor polishing system is designed for use with single- and dual-head surface grinders. It uses seven 10-inch diameter diamond polishing pads that attach to the grinder with Velcro. Each pad is color coded according to grit. The system will polish up to 15,000 square feet of concrete and is suitable for marble and any other surface that can be polished.

Food safety spill kit
More Information

Spill Kit

Upgraded food safety spill kits from OSHAKits contain coated, long-handled cardboard scrapers, mop heads, and a closable waste pan to collect solidified and sanitized body fluids. The Premium Food Safety Spill Kit contains two single-use kits, each containing a bilingual training guide, personal protective equipment, and disposal supplies. The single-use Eco-Friendly Body Fluid Spill Kit is 83 percent decomposable and designed to be completely disposable.

Bottle filler system
More Information
Oasis International

Bottle Filler

Versacooler® II bottle fillers from OASIS are made with 42 percent less steel than similar bottle fillers, resulting in lighter units and easier installation. Their plastic components are made of FRESHSHILD®, a silver-based antimicrobial compound that reduces the growth of microorganisms and mildew and protects surfaces from discoloration and odor. The fillers feature biodegradable inner filters; the rest of the unit can be used indefinitely.

Double layer toilet paper roll
More Information
Sofidel America Corp.

Toilet Paper

Papernet Double Layer Tech toilet paper from Sofidel is designed for businesses with a high amount of restroom traffic and limited storage space. The paper’s extra layer offers additional strength and resistance. Tech toilet paper rolls contain up to 1,000 feet of paper, resulting in less changes and reduced labor time. Yet they are as compact as rolls containing smaller product lengths.

Hand sanitizing gel and dispensers
More Information
Kutol Products Co.


Kutol’s 70 percent ethyl alcohol hand sanitizing gel kills common germs within 15 seconds. Its low-viscosity formula was specially developed for Kutol’s Manual and No Touch wall mount dispensers. Enhanced with moisturizers, the sanitizing gel won’t dry out skin. It meets the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendations for effective hand antisepsis and is ideal for health care settings.

Roll of recycled fiber towels
More Information
Cascades Pro


The Cascades PRO Perform™ Roll Towel for Tandem®, 1050’ is an eco-responsible towel that reduces maintenance times due to its 1,050-foot length. Designed to work exclusively with the Cascades PRO Tandem™ electronic and mechanical no-touch dispensers, this roll towel is made from 100 percent recycled fiber and features certifications from Green Seal, UL, and Green-e.

More Information
Legend Brands


The 2018 Peak 500 Truckmount from Legend Brands delivers up to 1,500 pounds per square inch of water pressure, making it suitable for cleaning hard surfaces as well as carpet and upholstery. It uses a triple-source heat exchange system to maximize engine cooling and solution heating. The truckmount’s copper-finned stainless-steel tubing provides corrosion-resistant durability and its simple controls are clearly laid out.

Onboard training system
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Kaivac, Inc.

Training System

The KaiTutor onboard training system from Kaivac can be mounted on cleaning machines so workers can access instructional videos while they clean. The system includes a variety of updatable videos offering equipment overviews, maintenance and repair tips, and best practice techniques. Its Play-Pause-and-Practice™ feature allows users to watch instructions on a cleaning activity, then pause the machine so they can practice what they just learned.

Bottle of botanical cleaner
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Benefect Corp.


Benefect’s Botanical Quantum Cleaner is specially formulated for cleaning the sites of clandestine or illicit drug use, such as methamphetamine labs. It reduces chemical residues down to the smallest levels possible in 10 minutes. The no-mix, all-natural formula does not contain any volatile organic compounds, oxidizers, ammonia, bleach, phosphates, solvents, or dyes. It’s ideal for cleaning nonporous and semiporous surfaces, including walls, floors, and fixtures.

Insulated gloves
More Information
Milwaukee Tool


Winter insulated gloves from Milwaukee Tool feature two layers: an acrylic terry liner that keeps hands warm and a dual liner that protects the layers from separating from the gloves, even with heavy use. The exterior of the gloves is made with 15-gauge nylon for breathability and high fingertip dexterity. The gloves are dipped in a latex micro finish for water resistance and warmth.

Dual roll paper towel dispenser
More Information
Georgia-Pacific Professional


The enMotion® Flex Paper Towel System from Georgia-Pacific Professional uses Dual Roll Auto-Switch Technology to dispense the smallest roll first and allow for complete usage of each roll before switching to the standby roll. It automatically dispenses each paper towel, reducing towel consumption and helping facilities earn Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design categories. The dispenser’s touchless design helps improve hygiene, enhancing user satisfaction.

Cart with cleaning supplies
More Information

Cleaning System

Filmop’s 100 percent metal-free MRI Cleaning System for health care facilities includes mops, handles, and surface cleaning tools on a cart with lockable drawers, keys, screws, and plugs. The durable, co-polymer cart absorbs shocks and won’t break or crack on impact. All components are easily removed for cleaning and disinfection.