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A human-like robot watching a woman mop a floor
Kelly Zimmerman

The Custodian-Robotic Relationship

Facility Management

Although today's robotic cleaners are highly advanced, they still need a human touch to operate efficiently. Both humans and their equipment must work together to produce the best result. Here's how.

janitor raising arm in victory
Tim Conn

Retain Top Talent in a Competitive Market

Business and Management

How can you retain employees to ensure the highest levels of service? Sometimes, it does come down to salary and employee benefits.



Tattoo of I love my company
Ron Segura

Triumph With a Solid Company Culture

Business and Management

A solid company culture enables people inside and out of the company to know the company’s philosophy and values, even if business strategies change.

landscaped lawn with path through grass
Missy Henriksen

Gearing Up Your Lawn for Spring

Facility Management

Here are three tips from landscape professionals to help revive outdoor spaces and enhance your landscape with the latest outdoor trends.

clean inspection grading system on mobile phone
Caden Hutchens

Design a Mobile Cleaning Inspection

Technology and Trends

Inspections can be a timely and tedious process, but software developments can help supervisors save time and create new efficiencies in how they grade employee work.

Arrows hitting a bull's eye on a target
Richard Bodo

Did Your Training Program Hit the Mark?


There are four evaluation levels you can use to determine whether your training was a success with adult learners.



A circle of arms intertwined
Rick Parker

Reflections from an IEHA-Certified Family


Learn how training has helped serve one family organization in passing knowledge and quality assurance from one generation to the next

A blue computer mouse with training spelled out in the cord
Kelly Zimmerman

Taking Training Online

Technology and Trends

Setting clear expectations and creating standards is one way to ensure employees are delivering quality results and not just running down a checklist of items.

wind farm solar panels hydro plant green energy
Stephen Ashkin

Full Speed Ahead for the Sustainability Movement

Business and Management

Even though the federal government has taken environmental and sustainability issues off its priority list, the movement is still going strong.

drawing of handshake win win
Lance Witschen

Make a Positive Impact

Business and Management

Read about how one nonprofit is leveraging certification to bolster its client and employee relationships.


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Rental equipment
Sponsored by Sunbelt Rentals

The Rental Advantage

Facility Management

Vacuum attachments for high dusting
Sponsored by ProTeam

Four New High Dusting Kits from ProTeam

Facility Management


Products & Services

Management software
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WorkWave LLC

Wave Goodbye to Service Delivery Problems

WorkWave Service cloud-based management software helps companies simplify the complexities of their business. WorkWave Service reduces friction in the service delivery process by maximizing back office and mobile workforce operations. It features real-time mobile updates that eliminate double data entry and automated service reminders and instant arrival time updates that keep clients informed.

Proposal software
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Paperless Proposal

Ditch the Paper Proposal

Software and apps from Paperless Proposal is ideal for creating proposals, quotes, and e-brochures quickly and easily. Users can track who viewed their proposals and how they were shared. Paperless proposal software makes it easy to record and view videos, and to track sales representative pipelines, activity, and trend reports. It features eSignature integration and a fully responsive viewer.

Mobile phone with janitorial software
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Make a Clean Sweep in Janitorial Management

Swept is janitorial software that helps cleaning companies save time and money. It streamlines communication, allowing managers to proactively address issues on site before they become customer problems. From must-have features like time-tracking and scheduling to unique translation capabilities, Swept simplifies the day-to-day operations of any janitorial business.

Learning management system
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Spartan Chemical Co., Inc.

Check Cleaning Management off Your List

The CleanCheck® learning management system from Spartan has been upgraded to enable administrative functionality on mobile tablets including the Apple® iPad. Supervisors can issue training certification, manage account and user details, add new learners, create and manage groups, and run reports—all from their tablet. Offered free of charge to all registered Spartan product users, CleanCheck is available in both English and Spanish.

Data collection mobile app
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Assure Your Data Collection Is Spot-On

GoSpotCheck’s mobile app and reporting tools help facility managers find service improvement opportunities, identify cost savings, and enhance their communication with clients and suppliers. The app can be configured for various data-collecting activities, including inspections, inventory, and maintenance checks. GoSpotCheck is ideal for facility managers who want to streamline their work and avoid numerous emails and spreadsheets.

eCommerce system
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DDI System

Stay Informed on Your Webstore Stock

Inform eCommerce from DDI System delivers a real-time, customer-connected portal and mobile-adaptive storefront to purchase, track, and view products. With a user-friendly display, Inform eCommerce provides accurate, up-to-the minute, pricing and stock levels, eliminating double entry and overnight synchronization. Distributors can use its flexible templates to control their webstore display without needing coding experience.

Scheduling software
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Orange is the Color of Management Success

OrangeQC’s new scheduling feature allows users to manage their quality control workflow in one place. Managers can schedule inspections and follow up on tasks. Inspectors can fill out custom mobile forms with a few swipes—or add notes, photos, and GPS information. OrangeQC delivers results in real time and automatically analyzes data to reveal trends and opportunities.

Janitorial management software
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CleanTelligent Software

Clean Intelligently

CleanTelligent’s janitorial management software, available online and through the CleanTelligent mobile app, is designed to help BSCs win new business, increase client retention, and enhance employee productivity. CleanTelligent’s suite of tools, including inspections, work orders, job scheduling, mobile surveys, and business intelligence, simplify day-to-day tasks and eliminate the paper trail, allowing BSCs to track performance and focus on areas they need to improve.

Footwear traction device
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Footwear Traction

StripGrips footwear traction devices from STABIL protect janitors in schools, industrial plants, and commercial properties from slipping while strip-ping waxed floors or walking on newly polished floors. They also provide cushioning to prevent leg fatigue. The devices attach to workers’ shoes or boots through a Retention Band System™. They include removable pads that can be cleaned after each use and are reversible to extend wear.

Wall coverings
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Mats, Inc.

Wall Covering

Commercial Accent Wallcoverings from Mats, xcore ascent™, feature rich texture and authentic-looking patterns, including wood and stone. The coverings come in 6-inch by 36-inch planks or 12-inch by 24-inch tiles. All have pre-applied adhesive for quick and easy installation. Ideal for conference rooms, hotels, and restaurants, the coverings have a 10-year commercial warranty.

Hard Surface Sanitizing Wipes
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Spartan Chemical Co., Inc.


Spartan’s Hard Surface Sanitizing Wipes are EPA-registered and ideal for cleaning high-touch areas in educational, health, and fitness facilities. Use them on washable, hard, nonporous surfaces to kill pathogens in 15 seconds. The wipes clean and deodorize in one step and leave a clean, citrus scent.

High dusting kit
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ProTeam, Inc.

Dusting Kits

ProTeam’s High Dusting Kits feature wands and attachments to make high surfaces accessible without a ladder. The kits include straight friction fit wands that give cleaners an additional 10 to 12 feet of reach and curved wands with 45- and 135-degree bends to dust lockers, shelving, light fixtures, and ceiling fans. Hard surface tools provide suction to clean air return vents, ceiling tiles, and ledges.

Hand sanitizer
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Hand Sanitizer

Alcare® Extra Foaming Hand Sanitizer from DebMed eliminates more than 55 species of microorganisms, including yeast and fungi, in 15 seconds without affecting the integrity of latex, vinyl, and nitrile gloves. Its fragrance- and dye-free formula moisturizes hands and doesn’t leave them feeling sticky, even after multiple uses. The sanitizer is available in 1-liter wall-mounted, touchless, and manual dispensers, and in 400-milliliter countertop bottles.

Drain and odor control dispenser
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DEMA Engineering Co.

Drain Dispenser

The Trapper Drain and Odor Control Dispenser from DEMA features an easy-to-program digital interface, quick-change squeeze tubes, and a quick-mount installation plate. It is designed for alternating current (AC) power or direct current (DC) power requirements. The AC version has a plug-in wall transformer. The DC version has a D cell battery holder and will run for a year before batteries need to be replaced.

Two-sided scrubber pad
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3m Commercial Solutions Division

Scrubber Pad

3M’s Scotch-Brite™ Clean & Shine Pad is a two-sided scrubber pad that washes and polishes floors in one step using a low-speed scrubber. It allows staff to reduce or eliminate the need to burnish floors. The pad is effective with just water and is ideal for most coated and uncoated hard floors, including vinyl, rubber, marble, stone, granite, and concrete.

Feminine hygiene disposal bags
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Disposal Bags

Scensibles® Menstrual Care Disposal Bags from HOSPECO® eliminate unpleasant odors and protect janitorial staff from coming in contact with bloodborne pathogens. These discreet, opaque bags feature a fresh scent and are individually distributed through restroom stall dispensers. Each bag ties into a self-contained bundle for sanitary disposal. Their ease of use discourages restroom patrons from flushing menstrual care products.

Thermal imager
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Thermal Imager

Prevent building problems before they happen with Thermal Imagers from RIDGID®. The new product line allows for quick diagnosis of hidden thermal issues, including energy leaks. The RIDGID app allows users to view, edit, and analyze captured images from the thermal imager directly on a mobile device. Select models provide a digital camera image alongside the thermal image.

Trash compactor
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Kaivac, Inc.

Trash Compactor

The Kaivac Trash Compactor reduces the volume of trash by as much as one-half. Simply connect a vacuum hose to the compactor, insert the wand into a full trash bag, wrap the trash liner around the wand head, and turn the vacuum on. The compactor reduces trips to the dumpster at office complexes, stadiums, airports, and other large facilities.

Floor cleaner
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Avmor Ltd.

Floor Cleaner

CAPTIV800 from Avmor is a versatile cleaner that can be used on carpet, tile and rubber floors, as well as grout. It removes oily soil, dirt, dust, and stains. Its low-moisture formula allows carpet and floors to dry quickly, making it ideal for cleaning hallways, hotel rooms, classrooms and anywhere else with high foot traffic.

Nyco disinfectant
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Nyco Products Co.


Nyco’s Sani-Spritz Spray quickly kills many common pathogens, including MRSA, H1N1, influenza A, and hepatitis A and C. Its new formula is now effective against two additional bacteria: Staphylococcus aureus and Enterobacter aerogenes. The EPA-registered spray is a one-step cleaner and disinfectant for hospital, institutional, and industrial use. It sanitizes soft surfaces and is ideal for privacy curtains, drapes, seat cushions, cots, mattresses, and carpeting.