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Closeup of carpeting
Gregory Gardner

Why Carpet?


Regardless of how short or long the length, there are three main ways to keep carpet in tiptop shape.

Man caulking exterior building window
Steve Howerton

An Inside Look at Exterior Maintenance

Facility Management

Maintaining the structure of your facility is just as important as cleaning the inside. Here are five building maintenance tasks to work into your annual planning.

Flooded buildings in need of safe disaster recover
Greg Scarborough

10 Steps to Safe Disaster Recovery

Facility Management

Now more than ever, it is vital for facility managers to not only prepare for natural disasters, but have a recovery plan in place that will protect workers and building occupants during and after recovery efforts.



Men in an office during a consulting meeting
Michael Wilson

​The 5 Steps in the Consultative Sales Process

Business and Management

Unlike soliciting, consulting implies advising, guiding, suggesting, and recommending strategies that can help a building manager operate a facility more efficiently, cost-effectively, and in a healthier, more sustainable manner.

Photo of a female veteran in camouflage in front of an American flag
Julie McAdoo

Staffing Up With Service Members

Business and Management

If you can help make a veteran’s transition to civilian life easier by offering meaningful employment, you’ve earned a loyal and hardworking employee. Veterans have outstanding leadership abilities that are helpful as they move up the ladder and into different roles within the organization.

Illustration of Bloom's Taxonomy
Richard Bodo

Effective Training Goes Beyond Learning


Training allows you to accumulate knowledge and skills, but if it stops at the point you learn, know, or understand something and it never becomes an actionable output, then it is not effective training.

Person putting on hand sanitizer before working on a computer
Isabelle Faivre

Best Places for Hand Sanitizer

Health and Safety

When washing hands with soap and water isn’t a viable option, hand sanitzer is a simple solution. Place hand sanitizer in strategic locations throughout your facility.



Empty desk with a sign reading
Kevin Keeler

Navigating the Workplace Grind

Health and Safety

The day-to-day grind of running a cleaning business can be overwhelming. Follow these techniques to cope without running yourself into the ground.

IEHA logo
Kelly Zimmerman

A New Partnership With IEHA

Effective with this issue, CMM is the official publication for IEHA, a division of ISSA. All IEHA members will receive the benefits that our current subscribers receive: monthly print editions, the CMM Daily News, invitations to webcasts, and more.

Eyeglasses, charts, and a clipboard with the words
Stephen Ashkin

Rid Your Company of Risk

Health and Safety

The jansan industry will not be immune to the effects of climate change. The only way we can protect our industry is to “de-risk” it.

person budgeting and using a calculator
William R. Griffin

How to Price a Deep-Cleaning Job

Business and Management

A deep-cleaning job can occur on a set schedule or on an as-needed basis. Do your homework regarding staffing and budgeting before you submit a bid.


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The History of ProTeam


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Customer Input Drives Portable Extractor Pump Design