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Chemical spill 0
Michael Shannon Sr.

Chemical Spill Cleanup

Health and Safety

Chemical spills can contribute to slips, falls, and other hazardous conditions. Learn to mitigate these risks with safer cleanup options.

Handling Hazardous Waste in Schools 0
Maricha Ellis

Handling Hazardous Waste in Schools

Health and Safety

From science labs to cleaning supply rooms, an educational facility houses a variety of hazardous waste that must be managed and disposed properly for safety and compliance reasons.



Gloved hands bandaging a wound 0
Duane Carey

Prevent a First Aid Failure

Health and Safety

Cleaning can be a dangerous occupation. However, minor work-related injuries can be treated quickly if a properly-stocked first aid kit is readily available.

Water meter 0
Klaus Reichardt

Go Beyond Fixing Leaks

Facility Management

Keep water rate increases in check by reducing your facility’s water use in the long term. Here are helpful steps on how to get there.

3 Signs it’s Time to Swap Out Your Floor Pads 0
Kim Sachs

3 Signs it’s Time to Swap Out Your Floor Pads


There are three ways to determine if your scrubber's floor pad has reached the end of its life span and needs to be replaced.



Tailored contract 0
Todd Hopkins

Tailor Your Systems to Suit All Account Sizes

Business and Management

Knowing how to communicate value to customers is a quintessential skill that separates your business from the competition.

Man holding umbrella 0
Judy Gillies

Don’t Get Caught in the Cleaning Industry’s Perfect Storm

Business and Management

This perfect storm of trending business decisions can sabotage cleaning operations if facility managers don’t head them off.

​The Hurricane Disaster We Don’t Hear About 0
Stephen Ashkin

​The Hurricane Disaster We Don’t Hear About

Health and Safety

2017 has been one of the worst hurricane seasons on record. Even after the hurricanes pass, we must consider the long-term health repercussions and their impact on facilities.


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Industry Leading Training Solutions 0
Sponsored by CMI

Industry Leading Training Solutions


Square Scrub Pivot, Innovation Evolved 0
Sponsored by Square Scrub, Inc.

Square Scrub Pivot, Innovation Evolved

Hard Floors

​Square Scrub is proud to introduce the redesigned EBG-20/C and EBG-28.

IPC Eagle — the Leading Manufacturer in Compact Scrubbers 0
Sponsored by IPC Eagle

IPC Eagle — the Leading Manufacturer in Compact Scrubbers

Hard Floors

IPC Eagle is the leading manufacturer in the fastest growing segment in the industry: compact scrubbers.

3M Helps Achieve High-Shine Floors in Fewer Steps 0
Sponsored by 3M

3M Helps Achieve High-Shine Floors in Fewer Steps

Hard Floors

3M™ Stone Floor Protection System provides a complete solution to restore, protect, and maintain the beauty of marble, terrazzo, concrete, and other porous stone floors.

Green Seal-Certified Hardwood Floor Cleaners from Bona 0
Sponsored by Bona

Green Seal-Certified Hardwood Floor Cleaners from Bona

Hard Floors

Bona’s environmentally responsible SuperCourt® Cleaner and SuperCourt® Winter Cleaner are the only Green Seal-certified, hardwood-specific floor cleaners on the market.


Products & Services

Got Green organic hand soap
More Information
Got Green LLC

Hand Soap

Got Green Soap, from Got Green LLC, is a vegan, organic hand soap and natural sanitizer in one product. The active ingredient, thymol, is an essential oil that helps eliminate bacteria while moisturizing the skin. The soap doubles as an air freshener, as each pump releases the scent of essential oils into the air.

Tolco wire glove box rack
More Information
Tolco Corp.

Glove Rack

Keep disposable gloves close at hand with Tolco’s wire glove box rack. The rack can attach to virtually any surface and holds most 100-pack disposable glove boxes. It’s suitable for hospitals, factories, restaurants, and other businesses that need to keep hand protection readily available. The rack is powder coated to resist chips and corrosion.

Hospeco microsite
More Information


The Period Partner™ microsite by Hospeco contains resources to help companies equip their women’s restrooms. Located at, the microsite contains product information, case studies, news, frequently asked questions, and tools to guide businesses. The microsite’s goal is to generate a change in expectations for providing well-appointed, away-from-home restrooms.

Multi-Clean electrostatic spray gun
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Multi-Clean, Inc.

Electrostatic Spray Gun

Multi-Clean’s E-Spray Gun uses innovative electrostatic sprayer technology to dispense disinfectants, sanitizers, and odor counteractants to a variety of surfaces. This lightweight, portable dispenser covers a wide surface area; one person can cover about 7,200 square feet per hour. The spray gun is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery and features a three-way nozzle that adjusts to meet a solution’s dwell time. food safety spill kit
More Information

Spill Kit

The Premium Food Safety Spill Kit from quickly and effectively kills E. coli, norovirus, and other bacteria and viruses that can cause foodborne illnesses. Each kit contains a bilingual training guide, personal protective equipment, and disposal supplies for the safe removal of vomit, blood, feces, and other potentially infectious body fluids. All products, including Purell® Foodservice Surface Sanitizer, are food-contact safe and OSHA-compliant.

Afflink cleaning supply management software
More Information

Management Software

Elevate strategic sourcing software from Afflink converts information about a facility’s cleaning supply needs to suggestions that eliminate trial-and-error purchasing. The software accurately forecasts demand and instantly provides stock inventory. It helps guide purchasers toward a more effective procurement process, reducing costs and optimizing the supply chain.

Madison Chemical Co. alkaline floor cleaner
More Information
Madison Chemical Co., Inc.

Floor Cleaner

Madison Chemical’s AquaBlue™ alkaline detergent is ideal for industrial floor cleaning. Its water-based degreasers remove dirt, oil, tire marks, and other soils from surfaces, and rinses easily and completely without any slippery residue. The environmentally friendly formula contains no caustic materials and can be used with floor scrubbers, mops, or spray wands. The cleaner also can be used on machinery, equipment, and more.

Vortec drum pump
More Information

Drum Pump

The Dual-Force Vac Drum Pump from Vortec installs on a 55-gallon drum for liquid material handling and spill cleanup. Its air-powered pump can fill or discharge the drum in 2 minutes with no shock hazard. The vacuum picks up viscous liquids, chips, and particulate, making it idea for cleaning coolant sumps, sludge, and wastewater. An automatic safety shut-off valve prevents overflows.

Vectair Systems nonaerosol air freshener
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Vectair Systems, Inc.

Air Freshener

Vectair’s V-Air® Solid + is a nonaerosol air freshener that delivers fragrance to large areas without any solvents or propellants. Ideal for hotels, gyms, reception areas, conference rooms, or other large spaces, V-Air provides continuous fragrance to large spaces up to 17,000 cubic feet and for up to 30 days. The submicron fragrance particles ensure a longer-lasting aroma.

Toter waste cart lifter
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Toter, Inc.

Waste Cart Lifter

Avoid back injuries with the 3069-MT-2000 fully mobile automated waste cart lifter from Toter. The lightweight lifter is easy to maneuver and is designed to fit through a standard 32-inch door frame. It’s suitable for a wide range of facilities including schools, hospitals, and hotels. The lifter is compatible with 32-, 48-, or 96-gallon casters or 2-wheel carts and comes with a quick-charge battery charger.

Deb Group foam hand soap
More Information
Deb Group

Hand Soap

Solopol® GFX™ foam hand cleaner from Deb Group contains grit to quickly remove oil, grease and grime from hands without leaving them dry, rough, or cracked. The soap’s grit is made of biodegradable cornmeal and olive pits, and its patented foaming technology creates rich, creamy foam. The soap will not leave residue on sinks or hands. A small amount goes a long way, saving costs.

Hydro Systems diverter valve
More Information
Hydro Systems Co.

Diverter Valve

The AccuMax™ Quad Diverter Valve from Hydro Systems is designed to deliver multiple product dilutions with various flow rates. It channels water to the proper eductor, metering the appropriate amount of chemical into the water stream. The dispensing system eliminates chemical carryover. It is easy to maintain and repair, and can be used with a customer’s own proprietary chemical connection fittings.