Mili Washington

Standards Director, IICRC

Mili Washington, CStd, has been IICRC’s standards director since June 2011. Her focus has been on streamlining the standards development process and strategy at the IICRC, working toward American National Standards Institute (ANSI) approval for new and revised ANSI/IICRC standards, and using more digital tools to make virtual collaboration come to life.

Washington is a member of The Society for Standards Professionals (SES) and serves on the SES Board of Directors as president. She is certified by SES as a certified standards professional (CStd). She graduated from George Washington University with a master’s degree in environmental and resource policy after completing a bachelor’s degree in economics from Delhi University in New Delhi, India.


Articles by Mili Washington

IICRC Standards
October 7, 2019 Mili Washington

IICRC Standards

Health and Safety

Following industry standards helps your firm streamline processes, trim costs, build credibility, and earn customer loyalty, which ultimately boosts your bottom line.