Julie Howard

Julie Howard

Vice President and General Manager of GP PRO's Towel, Skincare, and Aircare Category

Julie Howard is vice president and general manager of GP PRO’s Towel, Skincare, and Aircare Category. GP PRO is a division of Georgia-Pacific and a leading provider of advanced restroom solutions for commercial facilities. To learn more about GP PRO, visit

Articles by Julie Howard

Hand Hygiene
June 25, 2020 Julie Howard

Brown Towels: Where Hand Hygiene Meets Sustainability


Research shows bacteria are more likely to be transmitted from wet skin than dry skin, making proper hand drying a critical component of the hand-hygiene process.

Prevent COVID-19 spread, hand washing
March 23, 2020 Julie Howard

After COVID-19: Long-Term Investments Facility Managers Can Make for Health and Hygiene

Health and Safety

Recommendations for two of the most frequently used areas of a facility that demonstrate a longer-term commitment to the health and well-being of building occupants.

Shift the Commercial Restroom Paradigm
July 12, 2019 Julie Howard

Shift the Commercial Restroom Paradigm


Learn how to shift the commercial restroom paradigm by offering a memorable user experience.