What Is Your Official Job Title?

There are varying titles for custodial and maintenance professionals.

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And, since JanSan professionals work in many different facilities, they can have different job titles depending on what types of facilities in which they work.

For example, in a school, college or university, you might be called a janitor or a custodian; in a healthcare setting, however, you may be labeled as an environmental services technician.

Of course, some job functions are unique to certain settings, so a job title can make a big difference in what types of tasks you perform.

But, regardless of your workload, we want to know what your official job title is.

So, visit our Polls page and tell us which job title best represents your role.

If your job cannot be classified as one of the options, leave a comment below and tell us the unique job title you have and what it entails.


Posted On September 11, 2012

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What Is Your Official Job Title?
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