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Evolve with EcoShell™

The stylish & wholly unique EcoShell™ universal air freshener provides flexible fragrance options using revolutionary Clip and go, clip and throw™ technology. The stylish EcoShell™ universal air freshener is a non-aerosol, VOC exempt scent solution that brings a variety of locations ‘out of their shell’ – evolve your space with EcoShell™.

Eddie World chooses Vectair for their visitor experience

Eddie World, based in Yermo, CA, labeled as ‘California’s sweetest destination’ is the premier travel center in the United States. At Eddie World, they want to completely redefine how people perceive gas stations. Hence, the biggest passion for them is their extreme dedication to clean and comfortable bathrooms. Ed Ringle, Owner of Eddie World, says; “We want our customers to have a pristine and perfect restroom experience each and every time they visit.We chose Vectair as their products work, we have no bad odors in the restrooms and our bathrooms smell great.”

Recyclable vs. Biodegradable – what’s the difference? 

Here at Vectair, we recognise that the environment is important, and dedicate our time ensuring our products and industrial processes are recyclable where possible, ethical, environmentally friendly and economically viable. With that in mind, what is the difference between recyclable materials and materials that are biodegradable? Both sound good and both usually come with green, eco-friendly looking labeling, so where do the differences lie?

Presenting the Professional Passive Program™ 

Vectair Systems Inc., has launched the “Professional Passive Program™”. The program includes VOC exempt products that all provide fresh fragrance without the need for batteries, aerosols, harmful solvents or propellants. These are Airloop™, Vectair Wee-Screen™, the World’s first triple action & dual fragrance urinal screen - Vectair P-Screen™, VAZE™ and the multi-award winning Vectair V-Air® SOLID.

Vectair ‘Nose’ how to attract visitors with scent

Attract new customers. Reach new audiences. It’s all about creating memories & moments that stay in the mind for more than a few hours. Could it be, that scent is the most powerful sensory trigger? With scent marketing, we can create scents to connect with a brand, allowing brands to reach new audiences, in new ways. Scent Marketing is an ever increasing tool that’s used to engage and attract new audiences – but how does it work?


Posted On September 26, 2018

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Vectair | News, Case Studies, and More
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