Try the FreeFlex® Cordless/Corded Upright at ISSA

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ProTeam®, the company with over three decades of experience in vacuum technology, introduces the new standard of upright innovation. Lightweight, easy to use, and battery powered, the FreeFlex® cordless/corded upright vacuum takes cordless vacuum technology to new heights. Demo it at ISSA booth 5717.

State of the art lithium-ion battery provides an industry-leading 72-minute runtime with the option to plug in for ongoing cleaning. The FreeFlex upright weighs only 17.6 pounds including battery. Cordless cleaning removes the potential tripping hazard of a cord for safer vacuuming. It also improves productivity by eliminating time-consuming cord management tasks.

“At ProTeam, we believe that cordless cleaning is the future of our industry,” said Vice President of Sales Rich Steinberg. “As we continue to release new cordless innovations, we look forward to seeing more cleaning professionals experience true cleaning freedom.”

With no tools required to assemble, the FreeFlex upright is ready to use out of the box. It is simple for any user to operate effectively without training. Due to its lightweight body and ergonomic design, the FreeFlex is comfortable and easy to maneuver around obstacles. Without a cord, the cleaner can take the most efficient path through a space regardless of available power outlets. The vacuum lays flat to clean under furniture, and a soft-grip carrying handle allows for easy transport.

A light-up battery charge indicator allows the cleaner to check their charge status on the go. Lithium-ion battery takes 108 minutes to charge. When plugged in, the FreeFlex weighs only 13.9 pounds, and the user has the option of running the vacuum on high or low power.

The FreeFlex vacuum body is made from high-density thermoformed foamed rubber. This durable material depresses and returns to its shape making it ideal for the tough demands of daily commercial cleaning. Light up animated dashboard shows battery charge level, when the vacuum is operating normally and alerts the user to a brush roll jam. The brush roll removes at the push of a button.

A four-layer synthetic cloth filter bag resists puncture better than paper filter bags, and triple-stitched edges help prevent ripping. The FreeFlex upright is backed by a two-year warranty on motor, battery, and charger and a limited lifetime warranty on molded body parts.

Vote for the FreeFlex cordless/corded upright in the ISSA Innovation Awards at

For more information, visit or stop by booth 5717 at ISSA Show 2018 in Dallas.

Posted On October 4, 2018

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Try the FreeFlex® Cordless/Corded Upright at ISSA
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