Try Cord-Free No-Touch Cleaning® at ISSA Booth 6848

No-touch cleaning system

For the first time, at ISSA Show 2018 in Dallas, attendees will be able to demo the Kaivac® 2750 No-Touch Cleaning system on battery power. Kaivac now offers an advanced Lithium-ion battery option for two of its No-Touch Cleaning models — the KaiVac 1750 and KaiVac 2750. Cord-free operation allows the cleaner to move freely without the hindrance of a cord.

Improve worker productivity by allowing the cleaner to take the most efficient path through a space and by eliminating time-consuming cord management tasks. Perfect for day cleaning operations, cord-free No-Touch Cleaning eliminates the tripping hazard of a cord and reduces the risk of costly accidents. Smart Lithium-ion technology maximizes cycle time and extends battery life. A dual battery option is available for unprecedented range and runtime.

Posted On September 4, 2018

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Try Cord-Free No-Touch Cleaning® at ISSA Booth 6848
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