Top Issues Facing Building Service Contractors

As a building service contractor, competition is everywhere. You must constantly work to maintain profit margins, gain new customers through marketing and referrals, and retain employees. The Whittaker Smart Care® System's ease of use, productivity, and effective carpet cleaning results can help you in all three of these important areas.

Time (and Motion) Is Money — Let Whittaker Help You Save

An independent, third party Time and Motion Study, performed by the American Institute for Cleaning Sciences, has concluded that the Whittaker Smart Care® Cleaning System increases productivity and saves time over traditional interim carpet cleaning methods.

The study concluded that the Whittaker 20’’ TRIO can effectively clean 18,229 sq. ft. per hour and the Whittaker 25’’ TRIO can effectively clean 20,640 sq. ft. per hour in an unobstructed hotel ballroom.

Click to read the 3rd party Time and Motion Study

All in the Family

Not all facilities are created the same. That’s why Whittaker offers a full family of Smart Care® TRIO’s to increase your productivity and give you consistently cleaner results.

From the lightweight and nimble 12” Smart Care® TRIO for tight spaces, to the 25” Smart Care® TRIO for larger unobstructed areas, Whittaker has the right machine for any job.


Posted On April 25, 2018
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Top Issues Facing Building Service Contractors
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