Think Ahead with Tork

Bring on the crowds

The Tork PeakServe® Continuous™ Hand Towel System can help you live up to the increasing demands that high-traffic venues present to maintain a positive, consistent customer experience. With up to 2,100 towels, Tork PeakServe holds 250% more hand towels than other dispensers, and one-at-a-time dispensing lowers consumption, ensuring dispensers need less attention, serving up to 600 guests between refills.


Cleaning plans with a click

Implement Tork Digital Cleaning Plans, a free and easy-to-use cleaning management software solution, to simplify operations. They utilize smartphones and tablet devices to improve team communication, eliminating the need for manual, administrative tasks. The software has several features that allow cleaners to deal with unexpected events, keep track of completed and skipped tasks, and easily manage the hand over between teams.


Empower your team with data-driven cleaning

Tork EasyCube® is an industry-leading software system made for customers looking for a fully-digitized cleaning and maintenance operation. The system helps cleaners deliver higher quality by leveraging connected devices and data-driven cleaning to improve quality and efficiency, resulting in a 20% savings in cleaning hours, a 30% higher customer satisfaction rate, and 24% fewer cleaning rounds. When combined with Tork Digital Cleaning Plans, this new offering allows customers to achieve even higher value with the addition of real-time information on cleaning needs.

Good hygiene is good business

First impressions matter, and that’s no different when it comes to hygiene. The Tork Clean Care program offers a range of expertise and hygiene solutions to help facility managers and other building stakeholders turn hygiene into better business. These insights can help build and maintain a positive reputation year-round in the eyes of customers and staff.


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Think Ahead with Tork
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