The Robots Are Coming … Are You Letting Them In?

The Robots Are Coming … Are You Letting Them In?

I’m excited to report the results of our annual CMM BSC/Contract Cleaning Benchmarking Survey are in. Here, you’ll find the latest outlook from fellow building service contractors, broken down by business type, size, revenue, and geographical location. Thank you to all who took part in the survey, as well as to our survey sponsor Sunbelt Rentals.

Cleaning Automation

With automation such a hot topic, these days, one of the most interesting survey questions to me was, “Do you implement autonomous or robotic cleaning equipment in your operation?” I was surprised to find the answer was an overwhelming “no” (68%). Less than 9% said, “yes,” while less than 18% said, “we do not, but are considering it.” That means less than one-third of those who aren’t using autonomous equipment are actually considering using it. But why?

According to Brady Watkins of SoftBank Robotics, the automation inflection point is rapidly approaching and companies that fail to prepare will find themselves falling behind. For many industries, automation has proven itself as a way to go further with existing labor resources. By incorporating automation—specifically robotics—into everyday workflows, service organizations can now join the movement started by the manufacturing and distribution industries and stretch their solutions further.

Watkins asserts that robotics have helped prove that automation helps augment the existing workforce while driving better business performance. To learn more, read Watkins’ October article.

This topic isn’t going away. In fact, robotics companies are growing at a rapid pace. In September, San Diego-based Brain Corp, which supplies robotic floor cleaners to companies like Walmart, announced a new product and technology senior vice president to spearhead the expansion of the company’s technology portfolio. With the new appointment, Brain Corp’s chief operating officer said the company is poised to “significantly expand its customer base and product applications.”

See You at the Show

I look forward to attending the ISSA Show North America 2019 in Las Vegas, November 18–21, where many new technologies, including robotics, will be discussed and exhibited. There is still time to register at I hope to see you there!


Amy W. Richardson

Managing Editor, Cleaning & Maintenance Management

Amy W. Richardson is managing editor of Cleaning & Maintenance Management. She has more than 15 years of experience editing and writing for trade and consumer publications, community newspapers, nonprofit associations and websites. Richardson holds a Bachelor of Arts in communication studies with an emphasis in journalism from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.


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The Robots Are Coming … Are You Letting Them In?
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